Definition of oil lamp in English:

oil lamp


  • A lamp using oil as fuel.

    • ‘I woke up to the dim light of an oil lamp casting shadows across my face, a heavy blanket draped across me.’
    • ‘A table had been placed next to the bed, and upon it were several candles and an expensive oil lamp.’
    • ‘Katherine sat up and felt around in the dark for the matches on her bedside table, and then she lit up the oil lamp.’
    • ‘His room was dark, scantly lit by an oil lamp resting on the desk near his door.’
    • ‘The elusive leader is scheduled to light the traditional oil lamp at an unknown location in Mullaitivu.’
    • ‘A single flame from an oil lamp can kindle countless other lamps without losing any of its own brilliance or warmth.’
    • ‘Shortly a fire caught in the wick of the oil lamp and shed light through the tent.’
    • ‘A glowing oil lamp threw dull-redish light on pieces of paper scattered on the sheets in front of her.’
    • ‘The glowing oil lamp in the foreground and the sash window illuminated in the sober terrace beyond are at once marvellous and mundane, as light always is in Piero's work.’
    • ‘Adam quickly led her into the room, lighting the oil lamp next to the bed.’
    • ‘There was no typewriter, no electricity and no table in the small dormitory where he lived, so he worked in longhand, by the light of an oil lamp, using the end of his bed as a desk.’
    • ‘She looked across at him through the dim light of the flickering oil lamp.’
    • ‘Besides book-linked shelves, there is the exquisite, antique writing table with an oil lamp, pens and a writing pad.’
    • ‘One night, four men tumbled into the stall, dimly lit by a flickering oil lamp.’
    • ‘The knight struck a match and lit the oil lamp he was carrying.’
    • ‘In the bathroom the orange light from the single oil lamp cast leaping shadows on the wall, leaving the room in a twilight that was as restful as the warmth seeping into my bones.’
    • ‘He lit an oil lamp at the table and replaced the lantern's short, meekly burning candle.’
    • ‘He opened his eyes and, by the guttering light of an oil lamp, saw her sitting beside him.’
    • ‘With the help of a kerosene oil lamp, they searched for her but all they could find were some of her clothes.’
    • ‘This is the oil lamp of the artist's mother's Sabbath ritual.’


oil lamp

/ˈoil ˌlamp/