Definition of oil field in US English:

oil field

(also oilfield)


  • An area of land or seabed underlain by strata yielding petroleum, especially in amounts that justify commercial exploitation.

    • ‘But government attacks forced many more thousands out as land was cleared of people to make way for oilfields.’
    • ‘The company's main oilfields are located in the Caspian Sea area in the former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan.’
    • ‘She has been developing oilfields in Sudan and now Sudan supplies 5% of her oil consumption.’
    • ‘Rich diamond mines and oilfields in the country mean that a wide range of corporations and countries have an interest in the outcome of the war.’
    • ‘By 1926 seismic survey methods had discovered an oilfield for the first time in the southern USA.’
    • ‘A decision on the contract to store oil from the Atlantic Frontier oilfields has been delayed until later this month.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of people have been killed and displaced from areas around the oilfields, it said.’
    • ‘In 1968 oil was discovered in northern Alaska, and exploration for further Arctic oilfields has continued.’
    • ‘Big new oilfields such as the Atlantic to the west of Shetland, or technically difficult fields would continue to attract the multinationals.’
    • ‘Many contain economic deposits of coal and one, the Fang Basin in the north of the region, is the site of a producing oilfield.’
    • ‘It says independent operators moving into the North Sea to work on mature oilfields are often offering better promotion and salary prospects than their larger rivals.’
    • ‘The two countries are cooperating to finally resolve a longstanding dispute hampering the full exploitation of a rich oilfield.’
    • ‘He also encouraged the exploration of the Amazonian rainforest, which led to the subsequent exploitation of significant oilfields.’
    • ‘There were more serious threats looming, however, than a strike in the oilfields.’
    • ‘There has been no systematic attempt to sabotage or destroy the oilfields, either in the south or the north.’
    • ‘The £2bn pipeline will connect offshore oilfields in the Caspian with a tanker terminal at the Turkish port of Ceyhan.’
    • ‘Sudan's minister of energy and mining announced last week the discovery of an oilfield in Darfur with abundant deposits.’
    • ‘Viable oilfields were discovered in the North Sea off Scotland in 1971 and by November 1975 the Forties field was on stream.’
    • ‘American engineers design and oversee the oilfields.’
    • ‘A preliminary geological survey in February 1919 showed that the oilfield could be exploited only by a company ‘rich enough to face indifferent success or failure’.’


oil field

/ˈoil ˌfēld/