Definition of oil drum in US English:

oil drum


  • A metal drum used for transporting oil.

    • ‘Then they rinse out their mouths with gourds full of water from an oil drum.’
    • ‘He then drove the remains to a pallet yard in Brighouse where he once worked, and burned them in an oil drum.’
    • ‘There will be other people around the whole time, so you know for sure you won't wind up in an oil drum somewhere.’
    • ‘He bought the never-used oil drum at an auction for $2,000.’
    • ‘She looked outside the car where flames sprouted from an oil drum illuminating a hull so massive that Sophia could not see what it belonged too, no matter how much she craned her neck.’
    • ‘Steel pans were originally adapted from oil drums and other metal containers but are now precision-tuned instruments, professionally manufactured.’
    • ‘When the fisherman first spotted the 850 kg vessel bobbing on the surface two miles south-west of the Mull of Oa on Islay, he thought it was a discarded oil drum.’
    • ‘Don't throw it into an oil drum or something, get rid of that evidence.’
    • ‘But in films you can hide behind an empty oil drum or a flimsy crate and be completely safe.’
    • ‘In the gathering darkness she had set up a brazier on an old oil drum and was now roasting corn cobs on the embers.’
    • ‘They were made in southern Africa from recycled oil drums, unwanted cars and cast-offs from the metal industries, making them extremely environmentally friendly.’
    • ‘As well as the usual beer cans and plastic wrappers, Mr Burke regularly walked past rusting bike frames, an old scooter, an oil drum, and even an abandoned lamppost.’
    • ‘The car pulled in behind the truck, and the thin cop, steadying himself with one hand on the oil drum Ian had filled with extra gasoline at Sam's, reached for his revolver.’
    • ‘An oil drum exploded as he was walking past and he couldn't see for five years.’
    • ‘He fashioned a crude stringed instrument from an oil drum and earned five dollars a day from entertaining tourists on the island.’
    • ‘I put the oil drum on its side and started rolling it.’
    • ‘An hourglass mill was a big machine, at least as large as an oil drum, and was turned by slaves or a donkey.’
    • ‘The sound is like a mix between beating on an oil drum and firing a laser gun, Gedamke said.’
    • ‘One of the men suffered burn injuries and the effects of smoke inhalation when the protesters filled a large oil drum with petrol and set it alight against the main gate.’
    • ‘I looked down to the yard, where the smoke churned from an oil drum we used to burn garbage and cuttings.’


oil drum

/ˈoil ˌdrəm/