Definition of oh well in US English:

oh well


  • Used to express resignation.

    ‘oh well, please yourself’
    • ‘I am missing out on maths and Mr Ject isn't going to be very happy but oh well.’
    • ‘Last night I kept thinking it was going to be Friday today - oh well.’
    • ‘She sighed, and looked down at the files on her desk, oh well; I might as well get this over with.’
    • ‘I was so not happy about it but oh well, it was still better than Lydia's whining back home, and who knew?’
    • ‘You have to prep really intelligently, be prepared for saying oh well, we're not doing this now.’
    • ‘It recalls nutritionists' warnings about salads being just as caloric as double burgers, but oh well.’
    • ‘Okay, I'll try and make it through, and if I don't come into school tomorrow, then oh well.’
    • ‘I wish I'd kept reading up on dreams and sleep so I could have better answered him, but oh well.’
    • ‘I have now completely forgotten what I was going to post today… oh well.’
    • ‘I decided to look into this journal, I figured if it gave me a lead, great, if not, oh well.’
    • ‘It's not like her - she's usually up nice and early, oh well I'll speak to her later.’
    • ‘I have no idea how we will need it, but oh well, there must be a reason.’
    • ‘I hope she passes off as semi realistic… but oh well, she's a good counter part to Lucky.’
    • ‘I'm not sure how good of conversation we'll give each other, both of us being a little isolated, but oh well.’
    • ‘Sorry the update was a little later than I hoped but, oh well at least it's up!’
    • ‘That last part sounded like a spam email - oh well - but you get the idea.’
    • ‘I didn't think it was the best idea, as I had plans to go out that night and drinking during the day and night really isn't wise, but oh well.’
    • ‘I was a bit disappointed he hadn't got out and helped me but oh well, a girl can't have everything.’
    • ‘Accidents happen, oh well, never mind, that's all right then.’
    • ‘It starts off where we all have to pair up and… oh well you'll see soon enough.’