Definition of oh snap in US English:

oh snap


  • An exclamation of agreement or acknowledgment, often used in response to an insult.

    ‘Since you’re an agent, maybe you should worry about your own clients! Oh snap, I forgot you don't have any’
    • ‘Said the spokesman, "We're ready, we're prepared and not very concerned because they've got a lot of catching up to do." Oh snap!’
    • ‘"Aren't you creating for the masses who perhaps don't fly so high?" Oh snap.’
    • ‘Oh snap! I got dissed by the Elder Brother of the New York Media right out of the gate!’
    • ‘This failed to make any kind of impression so I fell back on the old favourite 'Making Funny Googly-eyes and Stupid Goo-noises Only to Have Someone Else Walk in the Room, Catch You Mid-goo and Administer a Derisive Burn'. Oh snap.’
    • ‘One of my more weak-livered buddies fell over as a result of booze, and oh snap what do we have here?’
    • ‘So I saw her and I was like, "oh snap, it's that chick from the movie!"’
    • ‘Tracks like these will earn more than a few cries of "Oh Snap!"’
    • ‘Just like the big bucks she failed to win at the Colonial! Oh snap!’
    • ‘Soon they began bickering about things such as "oh my God, you did NOT just look at my boyfriend that way" and "oh snap, you'd bettah check yo'self before you wreck yo'self, sister," and they started flinging explosives back and forth for a few years.’