Definition of oh-so in US English:



  • as submodifier Extremely.

    ‘their oh-so-ordinary lives’
    • ‘Smiling is oh-so attractive and eases tension.’
    • ‘We're just the same as we ever were, and oh-so delighted to have you back!’
    • ‘I know a random list is oh-so unoriginal but it's the first thing that came to mind…’
    • ‘Tending to your sprouts will keep you super-busy, and it's oh-so satisfying to watch as your blooms blossom.’
    • ‘Putting on that same 18th green, Triplett - who was missing the cut anyway - gazed in exasperation as his ball began to trickle oh-so slowly back towards him.’
    • ‘This servitude is based on the notion that tourists will find it oh-so quaint and ‘Old World’ to be driven through Old Montreal in a horse-drawn calèche.’
    • ‘But it was the type of concert which had all the hallmarks of watching the German national football team - technically brilliant, occasionally spectacular, but oh-so professional.’
    • ‘Armed with a four-member backing band, it was melodic, beautiful, passionate, powerful, transfixing and oh-so brilliant.’
    • ‘Each week, on the oh-so chic cover is a wide-eyed photo of a famous individual.’
    • ‘After three rounds, as many as 27 players are at least 10 under what is officially par, with Thomas Bjorn leading the way on 18 under the oh-so vulnerable card.’
    • ‘The oh-so unlikely duo connects when Levy comes to the big city for a convention.’
    • ‘For quick and easy clean-ups, grab one of these oh-so convenient cleaner-uppers and swab away all evidence of stray polish.’
    • ‘Otherwise, that oh-so active imagination of yours could land you in some hot water.’
    • ‘To foreigners like us, just a few steps removed from the oh-so fair and balanced media market, the only surprising thing about this race is how close it is.’
    • ‘Sounding passionate about art in an oh-so post-modern art world raises a few eyebrows.’
    • ‘Guys and girls look at life way differently in oh-so many ways.’
    • ‘The drama deals with the oh-so tortured private lives of a bunch of public professionals.’
    • ‘In the middle of the mad rush, Ryan stopped dead in his tracks when he spotted that oh-so familiar, beautiful face.’
    • ‘‘Oh, no reason really,’ I said oh-so casually, like I didn't care.’
    • ‘You can then turn around, seeming oh-so surprised, and say, ‘Wow, I didn't even see you standing there!’’
    very, extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, especially, tremendously, immensely, vastly, hugely
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