Definition of Oghuz in US English:


(also Oguz)


  • A member of a group of Turkic peoples who invaded Persia, Syria, and Asia Minor from central Asia in the 11th cent. and settled in Anatolia, or a descendant of these peoples.


  • 1Of or relating to the Oghuz; designating an Ohguz.

  • 2Designating or relating to a branch of the Turkic language family (in some classifications called south-western Turkic, in others southern Turkic), including Turkish and Azerbaijani. Also: designating or characteristic of the ancient language of the Oghuz or modern dialects of Uzbek and Turkish influenced by it.


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in The Penny Cyclopaedia. From Turkish Oğuz, the name of a confederation of Turkic peoples who spread south and west from their Central Asian homeland in the 11th cent., and also of a legendary Turkic hero and leader of these peoples, perhaps from an early plural form of ok arrow. Compare earlier Oghuzian [noun].