Definition of office park in US English:

office park


  • An area where a number of office buildings are built together on landscaped grounds.

    • ‘Then a scandal erupted over its new $350 million headquarters, hidden in plain view in a Virginia office park.’
    • ‘The Deerwood North office park comprises two five-story buildings, totaling almost 275,000 square feet of space.’
    • ‘Her mother pulled into the parking lot of a white vinyl-sided office park and turned off the engine.’
    • ‘The Bangalore office, in a new office park that also houses IBM and Dell, has room for 500 employees.’
    • ‘The wider road will give easy access to the government office park and will link up the northern industrial area with the Central Business District.’
    • ‘Its headquarters in a drab office park in Redwood City, Calif., sit empty but for a lone former executive dealing with financial odds-and-ends.’
    • ‘Part of the business plan was the $4 billion ‘Multimedia Super Corridor,’ centered around Cyberjaya, an office park tailored to high-tech companies.’
    • ‘In the ensuing years, other corporate headquarters have flocked to the surrounding office park.’
    • ‘On a winter morning, I went to a suburban Baltimore office park to play a beta version.’
    • ‘The company is developing a huge office park near Madrid airport, which would be its biggest development in Europe to date.’
    • ‘Unmarked buildings such as one data center in an unremarkable office park near the airport serve as insurance against both terrorist assault and natural disasters.’
    • ‘Day pointed to a smattering of new high-density developments that have recently sprouted up just down the road from his office park.’
    • ‘The retail building will be developed after the first phase of the office park is completed this fall, he said.’
    • ‘Economic development officials in Scarborough believe that the new office park will represent a huge boost in jobs and confidence for the east coast town.’
    • ‘Such developments are marketed to small businesses and professionals who decide to buy offices, rather than lease, in multi-unit buildings that are grouped within an office park.’
    • ‘It's a design best suited for a suburban office park, of course, but the Post waxes rhapsodic nonetheless.’
    • ‘Columbia, by contrast, feels like an enormous office park; it may be the blandest-looking social experiment since the Soviets tried their hand at public housing.’
    • ‘This new, state-of-the-art treatment centre will be located in Mountrath at the new office park on the Castletown Road and will serve the entire county.’
    • ‘The personal computer giant has leased a 5,110 square metre building at the office park in Loughlinstown for research and development purposes since 2000.’
    • ‘On Saturdays the office park in which it sits is deserted and I don't feel self-conscious about wading in the weeds with a camera.’