Definition of offer one's hand in US English:

offer one's hand


  • Extend one's hand to be shaken as a sign of friendship.

    • ‘I offered my hand and the man shook it gladly, smiling brightly up at me.’
    • ‘She offers her hand, which he takes lightly in his own.’
    • ‘Cameron walks over to her and she stands up and offers her hand.’
    • ‘‘Hello, you must be April,’ the father said, smiling as he stepped forward, offering his hand for a shake.’
    • ‘Before I knew it I was walking over to her and offering my hand for her to shake.’
    • ‘‘Mr. Harris, it is such an honor to see you at last,’ the man says and offers his hand as Tom enters the room.’
    • ‘‘It was nice meeting you,’ I offered my hand, which he shook after a few seconds.’
    • ‘Javilen leans over and offers his hand to Vecter who, still bitter, ignores the offer and salutes… ‘Sir!’’
    • ‘At the end of the session we bowed, as everyone does, and he offered his hand for me to shake, which I did.’
    • ‘‘Hello Mr. and Mrs. Parker,’ Will said offering his hand to shake.’