Definition of offer of amends in US English:

offer of amends


  • An offer to publish a correction and an apology for an act of libel.

    ‘the plaintiff cannot succeed if the defendant proves that an offer of amends was made in good time’
    • ‘In the circumstances I have summarised above, I believe that the right discount for the belated offer of amends and apology is 35%.’
    • ‘It would only accord with most people's sense of justice if the offer of amends is construed as relating to the complaint as notified.’
    • ‘Under section 4 of the Defamation Act 1952 the defendant can establish a valid defence if he proves that he published the words innocently and has made an offer of amends.’
    • ‘Parliament intended that a defendant whose offer of amends is turned down should have a statutory defence for that very reason - save in exceptional circumstances.’
    • ‘Section 10 states that the court must take into account an offer of amends, but only to the extent that it is genuine, that it is capable of fulfilment, and that it is accepted by the victim as expiating or mitigating the wrong.’