Definition of offer in US English:



  • 1with two objects Present or proffer (something) for (someone) to accept or reject as so desired.

    ‘may I offer you a drink?’
    • ‘Anusila offered sweets to all present and Chatterjee couldn't resist his temptation to pick up a sandesh.’
    • ‘If she passed the interview, she was to be offered the first available position as a police officer.’
    • ‘Villepin's plan also includes penalties for unemployed people who do not accept the jobs they are offered.’
    • ‘He said he hoped the people to whom the appeal's cash was offered would accept hand-outs in the spirit in which they were meant.’
    • ‘At present, most schools offer bursaries to children talented in music, sport or the arts.’
    • ‘Darbar's boss, kindly offered us complimentary tea after our meal.’
    • ‘It just said I was being considered and would I accept it if they offered it me.’
    • ‘Employees have also rejected the severance payment offered by the new company to 1,000 workers who will be laid off.’
    • ‘When he dies, he is greeted by a voice that offers him rebirth in sundry universes.’
    • ‘The Castries Heritage Tour presented by Solar Tours offers visitors a chance to explore the city.’
    • ‘However, having no money, he steals a set of silverware from a kindly bishop who offers him hospitality.’
    • ‘One of the most ambitious tuition assistance programs is offered by UPS, which offers part-time employees up to $3,000 a year toward college tuition and fees.’
    • ‘After hearing her voice, he immediately offered her the duet.’
    • ‘The boy-leader caught the urgency in his voice and offered me his hand, to help me down from the trailer.’
    • ‘Those with the most points are deemed most in need, and suitable properties that become available are offered to them.’
    • ‘Though Lance had often visited them, offering them jobs and new homes, they refused his presence.’
    • ‘The school has kindly offered us a temporary facility which the club is still using after five years.’
    • ‘A kindly Asian woman offered me some toxic-looking chicken curry for half price as I wandered by.’
    • ‘Sensing my fatigue, Harry kindly offered me his guest bedroom for a welcomed nap.’
    • ‘They were both accepted by Cornell which offered them teaching assistantships.’
    provide, put forward, give, proffer, present, extend, suggest, recommend, propose, propound, advance, submit, tender, render, come up with
    bid, tender, put in a bid of, put in an offer of
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    1. 1.1reporting verb Express readiness or the intention to do something for or on behalf of someone.
      with infinitive ‘he offered to fix the gate’
      with direct speech ‘“Can I help you, dear?” a kindly voice offered’
      • ‘Lucia, the beauty therapist, told me to apply the different mud treatments by myself, although she kindly offered to do my back.’
      • ‘He kindly offered to give them a lift to the harbour, although he was slightly displeased when he realised how much luggage there was going to be.’
      • ‘Why did Ernest offer to fix the plane free of charge after not receiving payment for the first job?’
      • ‘In July the company mailed recall letters offering to fix any defects for free.’
      • ‘She showed a very interesting video on security and very kindly offered to help anyone with advice on security in the home.’
      • ‘By the afternoon, she was too tired to walk on her own any longer and Yuuhi kindly offered to carry her on his back.’
      • ‘Two men driving a blue Transit van with ladders on its roof called to the home of the elderly couple offering to fix their guttering.’
      • ‘After demolishing theirs, it became apparent that ours was in a perilous condition and he very kindly offered to help remedy the situation.’
      • ‘Barbara had some friends in construction and she offered to have them fix the damage, but the company said no.’
      • ‘They had kindly offered to pay for my driving lessons and my test.’
      • ‘In an instant, a towing company arrived and offered to fix the problem and pull the boat off the shoal.’
      • ‘Even though he was in the middle of his A level revision he kindly offered to make the trip north to assist me.’
      • ‘A fitness centre member who is a professional photographer has also kindly offered to take two portrait photos as raffle prizes.’
      • ‘After explaining her situation to this beautiful stranger he kindly offered to drive her back into town where she'd be able to get a new chain fitted.’
      • ‘He kindly offered to wait for me to finish my act and give me a lift.’
      • ‘If they ever offered to fix my dripping kitchen tap, they'd be welcome.’
      • ‘This act reminds me of a kindly uncle who offers to read the children a bedtime story, and chooses Dracula.’
      • ‘The guy beside me very kindly offered to swap with me when this giant came and sat in front of me!’
      • ‘Charlie arched an inquisitive eyebrow at her new friend who had so kindly offered to drive her home.’
      • ‘He kindly offered to change a couple of the words from the original transcript for greater clarity.’
      volunteer, volunteer one's services, be at someone's disposal, be at someone's service, make oneself available, present oneself, come forward, step forward, show willing
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    2. 1.2usually be offeredwith object Make available for sale.
      ‘the product is offered at a very competitive price’
      • ‘He also plans to make inroads by offering discount medical insurance products to small businesses.’
      • ‘Flying time is seven hours and there's a slew of world-class airlines battling it out to offer the cheapest fares.’
      • ‘The sofas are being offered for sale in supermarket car parks and on motorway service stations.’
      • ‘The remaining 25 per cent of the company's shares will be offered for sale on the stock exchange.’
      • ‘E4 is also offering regional advertising opportunities for Irish companies.’
      • ‘Refreshments will be available, and plants will be offered for sale.’
      • ‘The presentation showed plans to offer a full range of convenience store products, some fresh produce, and an off licence.’
      • ‘Nallatech offers the highest performance-density available on the market today.’
      • ‘The new owners of the Malmesbury gym are attempting to offer the complete healthy living centre.’
      • ‘Still, in the run-up to Christmas it can be useful to be offered unsolicited products for sale.’
      • ‘It currently operates over 400 flights per week and offers scheduled services to and from Farranfore.’
      • ‘There are individuals who offer healing at an affordable fee.’
      • ‘The menus presented offered a tempting feast of gourmet food, and that was just the starters.’
      • ‘Internet Service Providers offer similar services for internal or hosted content.’
      • ‘Delta is now offering special sale fares from the United States to St Lucia.’
      • ‘TMA tends to pinpoint specific routes where it thinks it can make money, and then offers flights on those routes.’
      • ‘The business and the property are being offered for sale separately.’
      • ‘It offered the finest decor available when it opened in 1977 and has changed little since.’
      • ‘The aircraft carrier HMS Invincible was even offered for sale to Argentina.’
      • ‘The roadsides are crowded with vendors offering a bewildering range of foods, textiles and other goods.’
      put up for sale, put on the market, sell, market, make available, put under the hammer, ask for bids for
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    3. 1.3with object Provide (access or an opportunity)
      ‘the highway offers easy access to the public beaches’
      ‘a good understanding of what a particular career can offer’
      • ‘The economic slow down actually offers an opportunity to re-assess and reformulate the structure of mass transit investment.’
      • ‘Web based learning offers huge opportunities for learning and access to a vast amount of knowledge and information.’
      • ‘The site offers easy access to over 6000 holiday homes of all shapes, sizes and prices worldwide.’
      • ‘The club offers access to the two darkrooms on campus and provides material for film developing and printing.’
      • ‘Digitization offered new opportunities to providing access to these collections.’
      • ‘It offers easy access via various land and air routes.’
      • ‘Books, and now the Net, offer easy access to a goldmine of information.’
      • ‘It also offered easy access to Macedonian lands, which were not part of the new Bulgarian state.’
      • ‘We will also be offering opportunities for further career training for some of the young people.’
      • ‘Tourism in particular offers huge opportunities in the short-term.’
      • ‘The corporate voice portal market offers real opportunity to service providers.’
      • ‘Shopping online is great for accessing a global marketplace and offers the opportunity of sourcing bargains.’
      • ‘The work itself is expected to be routine, not offering much opportunity for career growth.’
      • ‘Other new markets, particularly India, are offering excellent opportunities for the mutual firm.’
      • ‘The open global economy offers opportunity, creativity and wealth.’
      • ‘This offers an opportunity to provide a good range of child care and gives the wider community a range of other services.’
      • ‘It is a highly rewarding career, offering unlimited opportunities but requires a high degree of commitment, dedication and hard work.’
      • ‘No other nation in the world offers such easy access to its complete academic research output in digital form, the researchers claim.’
      • ‘It may allow you to develop a particular skill that offers unlimited opportunity.’
      • ‘He said it was an attractive site because it offered easy access to the motorway network, and there was also the potential to gain European funding.’
      occur, present itself, arrive, appear, happen, show itself
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    4. 1.4with object Present (a prayer or sacrifice) to a deity.
      ‘villagers have gone to offer prayers for the souls of the sailors’
      • ‘In order to calm a sea monster that hid on the bottom of the sea, a girl was offered up as a sacrifice each year.’
      • ‘If our prayer is offered up in full faith, we are assured, that it will be efficacious.’
      • ‘Furthermore, the patients were unaware that prayers were being offered on their behalf.’
      • ‘Everyone has his or her sacred cow; the test of clear thinking is the ability to offer it up for sacrifice when a larger principle is at stake.’
      • ‘When faced with an uncomfortable situation and/or feeling, I can make a sacrifice of that situation or feeling, to offer it up to my Gods, in order to make it bearable.’
      • ‘If you don't want to lose something unexpectedly, offer something up to begin with.’
      • ‘On the next day when he offered the prayer they all offered it up with him and it was again talked about on the following morning.’
      • ‘And Abraham went and took the ram and offered it up as a sacrifice in place of his son.’
      • ‘There have been so many prayers and messages offered on my behalf.’
      • ‘He said there was a feeling that fishing in the region had been offered up as a sacrificial lamb.’
      sacrifice, offer up, immolate, give
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    5. 1.5with object Make an attempt at or show one's readiness for (violence or resistance)
      ‘he had to offer some resistance to her tirade’
      • ‘The enormous fish, which measured nearly 2m in length, strangely offered little resistance and was hauled up to the boat.’
      • ‘I didn't offer up much resistance, and sat down on a bench opposite a bunch of tulips.’
      • ‘In the gorge the remnants of the Taliban lines offered little resistance.’
      • ‘Rosenborg should, on the face of it, offer little resistance to Madrid's progress to the quarter-finals.’
      • ‘Croatia had offered spirited resistance then but not much going forward.’
      • ‘Martinique offered only token resistance when attacked in 1762.’
      • ‘This revealed that the Americans had greatly overestimated the Iraqi army, which virtually disintegrated, offering only token resistance.’
      • ‘Clydebank are doomed, but they clearly do not intend to lie down and accept their fate without offering some resistance.’
      • ‘What resistance can be offered to tyranny where each individual is weak…?’
      • ‘Iraqi tanks came under withering fire, and Iraqi troops once again offered little resistance.’
      • ‘Bash cursed in pain but didn't offer any more resistance as Speedy led him the rest of the way downstairs to the entrance.’
      • ‘Anyone who offered any resistance was brutally dealt with, and his son would soon show the same ruthlessness.’
      • ‘He would still attack Bradford, but would now only seek to slaughter those who offered real armed resistance.’
      • ‘What resistance, you will be wondering, was offered by the native population of our islands?’
      • ‘The Iraqi army disintegrated before the onslaught, offering only token resistance.’
      attempt, try, give, show, express
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    6. 1.6archaic with object Give an opportunity for (battle) to an enemy.
      ‘Darius was about to meet him and to offer battle’
      • ‘James, refusing the advice of his senior staff to withdraw to the Shannon, offered William battle.’


  • 1An expression of readiness to do or give something if desired.

    with infinitive ‘he had accepted Mallory's offer to buy him a drink’
    ‘a job offer’
    • ‘There was no offer of employment at the end of the training period.’
    • ‘Many of the rest accepted the offer of amnesty offered to those who surrendered within twenty-four hours.’
    • ‘The defendants made one offer which was withdrawn.’
    • ‘She believed the offer of a good job she had secured would be withdrawn in the subsequent economic downturn.’
    • ‘He declined an offer to rejoin the job and wear the alternative badge.’
    • ‘Imagine as well that he had been chosen for the job and had accepted the offer to be the candidate's running mate.’
    • ‘Since being noticed on the show and receiving two Golden Globes he has received numerous lucrative job offers.’
    • ‘The government has a reconciliation program that offers amnesty and jobs.’
    • ‘She is holding out accepting the job offer to see if she likes it.’
    • ‘A simple apology and an offer of help for my son would have sufficed.’
    • ‘We should be telling them to do the job, with an offer of U.S. logistical help.’
    • ‘People have been sending me kind offers of help, but frankly I'm still overwhelmed.’
    • ‘At present this information is found out by would-be purchasers after their offer to buy a home has been accepted.’
    • ‘The government must have been sorely tempted by offers of lavish U.S. aid.’
    • ‘Boland's apology and offer of help were the only ones she had received.’
    • ‘You can make an offer to buy but the seller can accept or refuse the offer.’
    • ‘His offers of assistance have been generous and more than we could ever expect.’
    • ‘Any offers of food, money, or dvds will be greatly appreciated.’
    • ‘But such was my desire to make myself look more attractive I accepted her offer.’
    • ‘In fact, the defendants never gave the plaintiff any written offer of employment.’
    • ‘He thought about it, but he wanted to go into geology and already had a job offer with oil firms.’
    proposal, proposition, suggestion, submission, approach, overture
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    1. 1.1 An amount of money that someone is willing to pay for something.
      ‘the prospective purchaser who made the highest offer’
      • ‘And now they can't possibly refuse his immensely generous offer.’
      • ‘The agent is seeking offers in the region of £960,000 for the properties.’
      • ‘The current salary offers are among the lowest in the current wage round.’
      • ‘How long would it be before both offers amounted to the same cumulative total?’
      • ‘The selling agent is seeking offers in the region of £2.3 million for the entire portfolio.’
      • ‘Though several colas showed interest, the most attractive offer came from British Telecom.’
      • ‘A less attractive offer would likely be made this time around, they said.’
      • ‘The current offer would not see drivers lose any money despite the reduced hours.’
      • ‘No one is revealing the exact amount of the offers, but rumours suggest that they are around $500,000.’
      • ‘The apartment comes with designated parking and the agents are seeking offers in excess of €290,000.’
      bid, tender, bidding price
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    2. 1.2 A specially reduced price or terms for something on sale.
      ‘the offer runs right up until Christmas Eve’
      • ‘In fact, bargain fare offers are one of the few real plusses from rail privatisation.’
      • ‘You can either try to get a discount flight or you can view their special offers, either way you will end up with a good deal.’
      • ‘It will also be running special promotional offers, including free gifts along with the purchases at the showroom.’
      • ‘The official deadline for fans to take advantage of the discount offer before prices are hiked up is Sunday.’
      • ‘Then the restaurant ran a series of special offers.’
      • ‘Special offers include three nights, dinner, bed and breakfast for 99 per person.’
      • ‘The figures were for regular shelf prices, with special offers excluded.’
      • ‘Increased competition between the three mobile operators has led to greater prices and special offers in recent years.’
      • ‘Sales are slowing for notebooks, despite a frenzy of vendor price cuts, rebates, freebies and special offers.’
      • ‘Special offers, year-end discounts and Christmas goodies tempt even the thriftiest customer.’
      • ‘A special introductory offer is available at the moment.’
      • ‘So it's no surprise to see every major player in the market touting special offers.’
      • ‘But keep your eyes peeled for special offers throughout the year.’
      • ‘Aer Lingus discount flight offers do not include taxes and charges.’
      • ‘Price differences can also occur due to special offers or different launch schedules of new handsets.’
      • ‘This is why it's best to stick with student nights that have plenty of money saving offers.’
      • ‘Slow summer bookings have prompted offers of 1970s prices for package holidays.’
      • ‘Gibb was reduced to selling his designs through special offers in magazines.’
      • ‘Not everyone gets to see and buy a whole range of home appliances, all under one roof, with special offers and major discounts.’
      • ‘He has also come up with a number of innovative price offers.’
    3. 1.3 A proposal of marriage.
      • ‘Her bold actions have elevated her to the status of national hero and prompted thousands of offers of marriage.’
      • ‘The story concerns two cousins, Laura and Janette, who consider two offers of marriage extended to Laura.’
      • ‘The true stakes of courtship put young men making offers of marriage at the mercy of the women they wooed.’
      • ‘The association called on the police to vigorously enforce laws related to abduction regardless of offers of marriage.’
      • ‘But his good looks provoked such a flow of fan mail including offers of marriage that he just had to go.’
      • ‘A marriage contract requires an offer and acceptance before witnesses.’
      • ‘But despite turning down two offers of marriage, I have few regrets.’
      • ‘Ultimately she returned to Hatfield, kept her head down, attended mass regularly, and refused all offers of marriage.’
      • ‘Had she not chosen the path of abstinence like her father had, she might of taken his offer of marriage.’
      • ‘She received two offers of marriage and another wish from a man keen to get the her genes in the family.’
      • ‘As for the offer of marriage, I would not say that I was tempted.’
      • ‘And, can you imagine, she has barely been out two months and has already had two offers of marriage.’
      • ‘So he sighed and resigned himself to signing many autographs and tactfully declining many offers of marriage.’
      • ‘While the woman whines, Mr. Collins comes in and takes back his offer of marriage.’
      • ‘Even his final offer of marriage to Isabella becomes a demonstration of brutal authority.’
      • ‘He returned her love, providing her with a step up socially by his offer of marriage.’
      • ‘She refused all offers of marriage.’
      • ‘How many offers of marriage and just sailing off into the sunset had she received, yet she couldn't just up and leave her family.’
      • ‘Escape from this scenario comes in the offer of marriage from a ship's mechanic she has been dating.’


  • have something to offer

    • Have something available to be used or appreciated.

      • ‘Tony is doing a brilliant job, and both Mike and Peter have lots to offer, so why they don't tap into their expertise beats me.’
      • ‘We may not be as educated or experienced as our teachers or parents or politicians, but we have lots to offer.’
      • ‘Other palazzos too have marvellous things to offer but the Palazzo Fortuny is said to be the best of the lot.’
      • ‘Asylum seekers have a lot to offer if only they are allowed to.’
      • ‘More often than not, writers have no solution to offer: either the problems are too complex or else another issue suddenly looms and off they go explaining that.’
      • ‘Many people do not go to museums because they have an image of them being boring, but in fact they have lots to offer.’
      • ‘I know the problems, but I have no solutions to offer.’
      • ‘‘The people themselves are open-minded, and have a lot to offer,’ he says.’
      • ‘I feel I still have a lot to offer: my mind is still as sharp as ever, plus I have this amazing self-belief and determination that I wished I had when I was younger.’
      • ‘Amazingly the city, while not having a lot to offer, was just how I remembered it.’
  • offer one's hand

    • Extend one's hand to be shaken as a sign of friendship.

      • ‘I offered my hand and the man shook it gladly, smiling brightly up at me.’
      • ‘She offers her hand, which he takes lightly in his own.’
      • ‘Cameron walks over to her and she stands up and offers her hand.’
      • ‘‘Hello, you must be April,’ the father said, smiling as he stepped forward, offering his hand for a shake.’
      • ‘Before I knew it I was walking over to her and offering my hand for her to shake.’
      • ‘‘Mr. Harris, it is such an honor to see you at last,’ the man says and offers his hand as Tom enters the room.’
      • ‘‘It was nice meeting you,’ I offered my hand, which he shook after a few seconds.’
      • ‘Javilen leans over and offers his hand to Vecter who, still bitter, ignores the offer and salutes… ‘Sir!’’
      • ‘At the end of the session we bowed, as everyone does, and he offered his hand for me to shake, which I did.’
      • ‘‘Hello Mr. and Mrs. Parker,’ Will said offering his hand to shake.’
  • on offer

    • Available.

      ‘the number of permanent jobs on offer is relatively small’
      • ‘All the other usual prizes will again be on offer as well as some seasonal prizes.’
      • ‘Most of the starters are vegetarian and there are also fish and chicken dishes on offer.’
      • ‘Spot prizes will be on offer at the function and the organisers appeal for support.’
      • ‘He and the other sporting figures will tell young people about the wealth of jobs on offer in sport.’
      • ‘Brendan said that he would like to invite new members to come and see the facilities on offer.’
      • ‘All welcome to come and view the activities and premises on offer or to book a place for your child.’
      • ‘The event organised by the Department of Tourism had the right mix of fare on offer.’
      • ‘In Britain it is a few hundred pounds and that can be quickly withdrawn if you don't accept one of the jobs on offer.’
      • ‘Across the way, a handful of tourists examine the wares on offer in a souvenir shop.’
      • ‘Why not enter your canine companion in the dog show and be in with a chance to win one of the many prizes on offer.’
  • open to offers

    • Willing to sell something or do a job for a reasonable price.

      • ‘The team is open to offers this spring but probably won't listen once the season begins.’
      • ‘Mind you, if anyone wants to buy the rights to the name of my Automania column, I am open to offers.’
      • ‘It is open to offers and no official bids have been made to date.’
      • ‘Some developers do not formally cut prices or give incentives, but are open to offers.’
      • ‘It's been on the market for a while now so we are open to offers.’
      • ‘It may suit families trading up and the auctioneers are open to offers in the region of 350000.’
      • ‘He is open to offers and given the composed manner of his two performances prior to last night's goal, he should get some.’
      • ‘The agents say they are open to offers but would expect the entire site to achieve a price in the region of £7 million.’
      • ‘The pilots have officially declared themselves open to offers by advertising their services in the international maritime press.’
      • ‘It suggests one of Australia's longest-serving bank executives is still open to offers.’


Old English offrian ‘sacrifice something to a deity’, of Germanic origin, from Latin offerre ‘bestow, present’ (in ecclesiastical Latin ‘offer to God’), reinforced by French offrir (which continued to express the primary sense). The noun ( late Middle English) is from French offre.