Definition of off the wall in US English:

off the wall


North American
  • 1Eccentric or unconventional.

    • ‘Her smile, combined with the off the wall remark, elicited a laugh from Gael.’
    • ‘They are off the wall, unsettling, and very strange.’
    • ‘Christopher Walken does eccentricity well, but just being off the wall isn't necessarily funny.’
    • ‘Part of his job, along with colleagues, is to look to the future and come up with ideas - some of them off the wall - as to what life in Keighley could be like in the future.’
    • ‘It was something a little more off the wall, a bit of self-reference or a weird thought.’
    • ‘Tyler scoffed, seeming to take Ox's off the wall remark as a serious question.’
    • ‘But if you find a good friend who is just off the wall, different than you are, there's something about him you like.’
    • ‘The basic premise that the international companies will be providing water for the world's poorest is just off the wall.’
    eccentric, zany, far out, freakish, quirky, idiosyncratic, unconventional, unorthodox, weird, outlandish, offbeat, off-centre, bizarre, strange, unfamiliar
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  • 2(of a person) angry.

    ‘the president was off the wall about the article’
    • ‘‘It was driving me off the wall, blocking e-mails and not letting me get to ordinary websites,’ he says.’
  • 3(of an accusation) without basis or foundation.

    • ‘You didn't allow them to get away with what the presidential candidates did with Jim the first night, which was really go off the wall.’