Definition of off the scale in US English:

off the scale


  • Of or to a degree or level that is far in excess of what is normal or notionally measurable.

    ‘meteorologists warned that conditions would be brutal, with soaring temperatures and humidity off the scale’
    ‘viewing figures are likely to go off the scale because of all the hype’
    • ‘After being locked down for so long, the hustle and bustle of the kitchen caused my anxiety level to go off the scale.’
    • ‘I had a look at the burnout test, and I was definitely off the scale last summer.’
    • ‘The passion and intensity with which these people laid into these songs are off the scale.’
    • ‘Chemicals in her body had built up so high from exertion they were off the scale.’
    • ‘We get nuts all the time - we were based in Berkeley then - but this was off the scale.’
    • ‘The swell was near its peak; the waves went off the scale.’
    • ‘My visitor stats continue to climb off the scale.’
    • ‘He said cocaine dealing and usage had 'gone off the scale' in recent years in inner city areas, with a sharp reduction in price.’
    • ‘This could only make sense if it were true that some risks are simply off the scale of our everyday experience of danger.’