Definition of off the record in US English:

off the record


  • Not made as an official or attributable statement.

    • ‘The conversation was off the record, and in any event my Hebrew was inadequate.’
    • ‘Well, let's be clear about whether or not this was truly on or off the record.’
    • ‘Certain portions of the interview were off the record, they say, but this wasn't one of them.’
    • ‘However speaking off the record, one player told us about his methods.’
    • ‘I doubt very much that the good judge requested that his inadvertent disclosure be off the record.’
    • ‘I had sources - not many, but a few - who risked their jobs to tell me things off the record and I never gave one of them up.’
    • ‘Chatty, charming and a highly entertaining gossip off the record, she picks her words carefully when the tape recorder is switched on.’
    • ‘Their first conversation would be off the record.’
    • ‘Because he spoke to me off the record, I will not reveal either his university or the subject he teaches.’
    • ‘He confided in us off the record that Teddy Kennedy had declined to run against Nixon that year because he viewed Nixon as unbeatable.’
    unofficial, confidential, in confidence, in strict confidence, not for publication, not for public consumption, not to be made public, not for circulation, not to be disclosed, not to be mentioned, private, secret, classified, under wraps, to be kept under wraps
    unofficially, privately, in confidence, in strict confidence, confidentially, between ourselves
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