Definition of off the point in US English:

off the point


  • Irrelevant.

    • ‘This is off the point, but the concern I would have about switching is simply that: switching.’
    • ‘Anyway, I am getting rather spectacularly off the point.’
    • ‘Mr. Dillon's comment on whales is somewhat off the point, since many types of whales do not, in fact, eat fish.’
    • ‘And slightly off the point, at management board again, somebody pointed out that middle management are the most difficult people to get through to.’
    • ‘But all this, as far as I can tell is off the point.’
    • ‘This may be a bit off the point or it may be right on it.’
    • ‘Does it seem like its just derailed and gone completely off the point?’
    • ‘At times, this impressively far-flung reporting (the frequent-flier miles that the authors accumulated along the way must be considerable) gets off the point.’
    • ‘As far as other charges are concerned, they have to do with very sexually explicit pictures which have come up with a bunch of indecency charges leveled against her, and that brought a comment from her lawyer that it was really off the point.’
    • ‘To talk about yourself is to stray off the point.’