Definition of off the peg in US English:

off the peg


  • (of clothes) ready-made; off the rack.

    as modifier ‘budget off-the-peg outfits’
    • ‘You can order your dream garment or buy off the peg.’
    • ‘Mr Smith goes on: ‘At this time there was not a lot of choice for women buying off the peg, so Poppy's business was in high demand.’’
    • ‘The former can be bought more or less off the peg; the latter have to be tailored to fit.’
    • ‘They can be bought off the peg or made-to-measure and are in demand for all kinds of events including weddings, parties and a day at the races.’
    • ‘The woman in the former dressed off the peg and came from an ordinary family.’
    • ‘They had a choice of suits that fitted me off the peg (including 1 under £100)!’
    • ‘I used to get most of my good suits and jackets off the peg from Simpson's.’
    • ‘It's not about going into a shop, buying an item off the peg and taking it home.’
    • ‘Oh, it's off the peg, rather than designer, but, well, a girl has to do what a girl has to do.’
    • ‘I doubt they'd be able to get a uniform off the peg for me.’
    ready to wear, off the shelf
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