Definition of off the pace in US English:

off the pace


  • Behind the leader or leading group in a race or contest.

    • ‘The long-time leader fell off the pace after jumping the last level with Florida Pearl and Alexander Banquet.’
    • ‘But at the moment, if you are three seconds off the pace we cannot win races.’
    • ‘In Monte Carlo, during the race, some cars were four seconds, five seconds off the pace.’
    • ‘It's these inconsistencies that have left them way off the pace in the championship race.’
    • ‘Merrits who was heading for a third win in a row, pressured the leader but dropped off the pace on the turn.’
    • ‘But in the second half they fell off the pace and the South Africans finished with a flourish.’
    • ‘That was a creditable nine seconds off the pace of early leader Markko Martin.’
    • ‘They are still in the Champions League but once again find themselves more than 20 points off the pace in the premiership.’
    • ‘Lenny Beasley aboard Mr Celebrity was content to race off the pace in fifth, one off the rail.’
    • ‘It's all about conditioning and again, they were clearly off the pace, yards behind us.’