Definition of off target in English:

off target


  • 1So as to miss or fail to achieve the thing aimed at.

    ‘his shot was off-target’
    as adjective ‘two off-target bombs’
    • ‘Pierzynski is hitting the ball with authority, more than compensating for off-target throws to second base.’
    • ‘It was only 800 ft off target.’
    • ‘Carty went for a point and his off-target effort was kept in play by Sean Quinn who flicked it up for Niall Quinn and he punched the ball into the net.’
    • ‘Most of the troops dropped by airplane were thirty-five miles off target.’
    • ‘David Whittle had a half chance late in the first half but his shot from 25 yards was just off target.’
    • ‘Last year some 45% of hospitals missed the target, and so far this year 70% are off target.’
    • ‘Your goal should be to eliminate off-target movement of pesticides, no matter how small it may be.’
    • ‘Good coverage depends on having very small droplets, although these are more readily blown off target by wind than large drops.’
    • ‘Many of his passes were way off target.’
    • ‘Greece narrowed its central government budget deficit by 37 percent in the first nine months of 2012, the finance ministry said on Thursday, but revenues were still off target.’
    1. 1.1 Not accurately described or predicted; incorrect.
      ‘the original estimate was off target’
      • ‘The official line is that the strategists lost their jobs in companywide downsizings that had nothing to do with off-target predictions.’
      • ‘Unless I'm completely off-target here, he claims that the stuff we read or see in the foreign media isn't really how people feel, that the effect is superficial.’
      • ‘That comparison seems pretty off target to me.’
      • ‘Many of his predictions have been way off target.’
      • ‘It is "off-target" to suggest that the best way to improve governance is by reducing government resources and responsibilities, the report adds.’
      • ‘So that objection is simply off target.’
      • ‘Off-target campaign rhetoric is not limited to matters of war and peace.’
      • ‘Forecasts that are grossly off target can do more than merely hamper efficiency.’
      • ‘Great care must be taken in estimating rental income as the agent's estimate may be well off target.’