Definition of off someone's hands in US English:

off someone's hands


  • Not having to be dealt with or looked after by the person specified.

    ‘they just want the problem off their hands’
    • ‘Do you plan to get them all off your hands in 2005?’
    • ‘Marca reports Carvajal and an English agent are working on the deal and claim Real would be glad to get him off their hands.’
    • ‘If you have any books you would like to donate, particularly textbooks and reference works, please get in touch and we'll happily take them off your hands.’
    • ‘If someone offers to take your child off your hands for an evening, or even for two hours, take it and go to the pub.’
    • ‘Now they give you a price to take it off your hands.’
    • ‘Mass communications and marketing have created a floodlit glare of consumerism: whatever your thing is, you are liable to have it taken off your hands, tidied up and sold back to you.’
    • ‘It might be only too happy if the council took St James House off its hands, possibly as part of a deal on the council's site opposite Haymarket Station.’
    • ‘To get a son off your hands, you may have to set him up with a dowry - some money or some animals or even some land; you'll certainly have to throw the wedding party.’
    • ‘There are two parties interested in taking the club off Boyle 's hands and Jackson hopes a deal might be concluded around the middle or second half of the new season.’
    • ‘He offers to ‘take that garage off your hands,’ for $100K, as a ‘favor’ to Junior - to help out with his bills.’