Definition of off and on in US English:

off and on


  • Intermittently; now and then.

    • ‘About ten minutes after I hung up the phone, it started raining hard, and did so off and on for most of the day.’
    • ‘I've never met Ronnie's wife, even though I talked to her off and on for a long time via email.’
    • ‘There've been other really good people that I've worked with off and on over the years.’
    • ‘I spent the rest of the weekend listening to the CD off and on, while driving around.’
    • ‘I've been a fan of hip hop off and on since the 80s and the genre seems to work in fits and spurts.’
    • ‘We have visited and filmed them off and on for the past six months.’
    • ‘Yet it was the beginning of a struggle with alcohol which for the next four years, off and on, got me into trouble.’
    • ‘Your post made me think of an issue I've thought about off and on for some time now.’
    • ‘You know, I've been talking to Judy off and on about this case for the last year.’
    • ‘As someone who has tried to cast light on the mystery off and on for the last 40 years, I was becoming increasingly sceptical.’
    periodically, at intervals, on and off, once in a while, every once in a while, every so often, now and again, now and then, every now and again, every now and then, from time to time, occasionally, on occasion, on occasions, on the odd occasion, at times, sometimes, sporadically, spasmodically, erratically, irregularly, intermittently, by fits and starts, in fits and starts, fitfully, discontinuously, piecemeal
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