Definition of off (or wide of) the mark in US English:

off (or wide of) the mark


  • 1Incorrect or inaccurate.

    ‘the accusation was a little wide of the mark’
    • ‘I think claims that there's too much oil out there today are just simply off the mark.’
    • ‘He was disturbed himself at the result of a report that was so far off the mark.’
    • ‘When the US State Department issued its damning report, again he was late and off the mark.’
    • ‘Hamas may have won the Palestinian elections, but Western predictions of war and bloodshed are wide off the mark.’
    • ‘The Atkins diet may turn out to be completely off the mark, but it shouldn't be dismissed yet.’
    • ‘The analogy with a Chelsea footballer or a classical pianist is completely off the mark.’
    • ‘He also indulged in a bit of illicit breaking and entering, but most true professionals reckon he was way off the mark.’
    • ‘It appears that the invasion scares promoted by publications over the last few years were not completely off the mark.’
    • ‘Readers are welcome to put me in my place and show me that I'm completely off the mark!’
    • ‘But in seeing such engagements as determining our future development, they are way off the mark.’
    off target, off the mark, wide of the mark, wide of the target, inaccurate, off course, astray, nowhere near, out
    off target, wide of the mark, wide of the target, off course, inaccurately, astray
    inaccurate, incorrect, wrong, erroneous, inexact, off-target, off-beam, out, fallacious, mistaken, misguided, misinformed
    irrelevant, inapplicable, inapposite, inappropriate, inapt, immaterial, not to the point, beside the point, off the subject, extraneous, neither here nor there
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  • 2A long way from an intended target.

    ‘his shot never is off the mark for long’
    off target, wide of the mark, wide, awry
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