Definition of off-peak in US English:


adjective & adverb

  • At a time when demand is less.

    as adjective ‘off-peak travel’
    • ‘Cheap day returns were charged at about 15p per mile, but were limited to off-peak travel because they were so cheap.’
    • ‘Pensioners have been offered free off-peak local bus travel, but Mrs Williamson is concerned that could lead to higher council tax bills.’
    • ‘The lowest fares apply to off-peak travel periods, which vary by city.’
    • ‘There are no peak or off-peak rates and calls to landlines in Britain and Northern Ireland are at the same great rate as landline calls in Ireland.’
    • ‘Overall, I believe the benefits of off-peak travel outweigh the drawbacks.’
    • ‘For most domestic routes, off-peak fares are for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.’
    • ‘There will be free off-peak travel for pensioners and the disabled.’
    • ‘The railways are also set to be busy, with special deals for passengers willing to travel off-peak and book in advance.’
    • ‘The best way to stretch your travel dollar is to travel during off-peak times.’
    • ‘Whenever possible, travel during an off-peak season to save even more.’
    • ‘She feels that more could be done for passengers travelling in off-peak hours.’
    • ‘Travel would be free off-peak and on quiet roads.’
    • ‘In Wales this problem is solved by the Dinorwig hydroelectric power station, which pumps water up to a high reservoir during off-peak periods.’
    • ‘The first stage of a scheme to encourage off-peak travel on London suburban railways has been launched.’
    • ‘That's the price of a standard open return, whereas a saver return for off-peak travel would be £52.10.’
    • ‘Plans for a national discount railcard giving cheaper off-peak travel will be unveiled later this year.’
    • ‘You are likely to pay more for a vacation resort that is in high demand at the peak period, than for the off-peak period at a less popular resort.’
    • ‘All it would need is one enterprising local businessman with one not particularly large warehouse who would then move these goods into Kendal at traffic off-peak times.’
    • ‘The current surftime package I'm on might be unmetred off-peak but I'm often using it on-peak for half an hour here and there which adds up.’
    • ‘What he also forgot to say when declaring that pensioners would get free bus travel was that the travel will be free in off-peak hours only.’