Definition of off-campus in US English:


adjective & adverb

  • Away from a university or college campus.

    ‘they asked to live in an off-campus residence’
    • ‘Further, students studying off-campus are often already employed.’
    • ‘As a sophomore at Florida State University, Elaine signed up to live in an off-campus private dormitory.’
    • ‘Affordable off-campus housing that's close to the university is only a dream for most students.’
    • ‘Once in college, students can work an off-campus job or, if eligible, a work-study job at the school to pay for personal expenses.’
    • ‘Residence has signed up 90 students who had lived off-campus last year.’
    • ‘Universities could also benefit by providing both on-campus and off-campus students equal access to the Internet.’
    • ‘Over a period of eighteen months, there were twenty-three days of university lectures and five assignments completed off-campus.’
    • ‘Scholarship funds were expanded for campus and off-campus students.’
    • ‘Often college religious organisations avoid conflict by operating off-campus, or by simply winking at campus rules.’
    • ‘Other alternatives included leasing space off-campus, or implementing portable office spaces for the graduate students.’
    • ‘For students who lived off-campus the majority said they walked to campus, while cycling was next in frequency.’
    • ‘The formal charge was violation of the university policy regarding off-campus parties and initiations.’
    • ‘As a reference specialist, Jordan spends much of her time handling off-campus requests for information, such as film clips.’
    • ‘We are sharing an apartment which is off-campus, but right next to the university.’
    • ‘This year's award focuses on teachers who have developed off-campus learning experiences for ISU students.’
    • ‘First-generation students are more likely to work off-campus and more likely to work full-time.’
    • ‘Their video conferencing unit enables students to participate in off-campus lectures and seminars.’
    • ‘In addition, Antioch students alternate periods of study on campus with periods of employment in a variety of off-campus settings.’
    • ‘For international students, however, residence - be if off-campus or on-campus - is a necessity.’
    • ‘Most universities cater to both on-and off-campus constituents.’