Definition of off-air in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • 1Not being broadcast.

    as adverb ‘he is exactly the same off-air as he is on’
    • ‘It looks like an off-air, slow-speed, VHS recording.’
    • ‘We also put together ideas for listener promotions, on-air content, and how we can take these off-air in marketing terms to attract new listeners.’
    • ‘The audience began to clap and whistle, standing up in their seats while Will kissed Lauren sweetly and they went off-air.’
    • ‘Mark H. Rodeffer is a researcher and off-air reporter at CNN's political unit.’
    • ‘The report describes how the BBC adds public value through serving its audiences responsibly both on-air and off-air.’
    • ‘‘I have no idea how I do this,’ he says, laughing, his off-air voice less animated and rapid.’
    • ‘Each gets category exclusivity, extensive product placement within the series, and has off-air marketing rights.’
    • ‘They watch movies that they've recorded off-air onto videotape at the slowest speed.’
    • ‘There will also be many initiatives happening off-air too, allowing pupils to improve both their sporting and journalistic skills.’
    • ‘The off-air campaign will be complemented by on-air trails with high production values.’
  • 2Relating to the reception of programs not broadcast by cable or satellite.

    ‘an area where off-air reception is poor’
    • ‘It's not cheap, but if that's the price of the most flexible off-air recording medium there is, so be it.’
    • ‘That includes the attic, where an off-air antenna might be located for local HD broadcast signals.’
    • ‘The BBC will run a major cross-media campaign promoting its digital radio portfolio on-air and off-air through December.’
    • ‘Plans are to offer an optional off-air HD digital tuner cartridge for the receiver for $100 later this summer.’
    • ‘We're missing the off-air HDTV feeds from the antennae.’
    • ‘If you want to get HD signals from your local stations, you'll also need an off-air antenna, the old-fashioned ‘rabbit ears’ or rooftop type.’
    • ‘This is done through the use of an off-air monitor receiver that feeds back the received signal into an equalization process.’