Definition of of note in US English:

of note


  • 1Worth paying attention to.

    ‘many of his comments are worthy of note’
    • ‘There is a safe with its door ajar, but no contents of note.’
    • ‘Several issues related to the estimation of Test cricket attendances are worthy of note.’
    • ‘So far I've seen a lot of weather and nothing else worthy of note.’
    • ‘We've heard from several readers today, with comments particularly worthy of note.’
    • ‘Secondly, the social and cultural reactions to this newfound ability will be worthy of note.’
    • ‘Actually, an encouraging development, which is rather curious in the context, is worthy of note.’
    • ‘There is one e-mail, however, that may be more worthy of note than the others.’
    • ‘It was a point worthy of note but in the grand scheme of things it was nothing more and their victory is something Spartans can be truly proud of.’
    • ‘If ever there is a man worthy of note, a man of the highest calibre, it's him.’
    • ‘It took a while for the game to burst into life and there had been little of note prior to Chorley breaking the deadlock seven minutes before the break.’
    attention, consideration, notice, heed, observation, thought, regard, care, attentiveness, mindfulness
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  • 2Important; distinguished.

    ‘Roman historians of note include Livy, Tacitus, and Sallust’
    • ‘Other players of note included Martin Boland, Daniel Murphy and Jonathan Farrell.’
    • ‘Once upon a time it was the Church to which belonged anyone in Ireland of note or importance.’
    • ‘Other equipment of note includes an extensive collection of vintage guitars and mics.’
    • ‘Another resident of note, who came from the area, is the author Johnny O'Brien.’
    • ‘Included in the programme are a number of entertainers of note.’
    • ‘She acknowledged that it was important for somebody of note to come and open the impressive facilities.’
    • ‘Other later medieval timber-framed buildings of note in the village include two inns, the George and the Ship.’
    • ‘Harrogate stand-off Lee Cholewa is a player of note, but he is currently having a bad time with his goal-kicking.’
    • ‘Witt, on the other hand, is only 16 and already he's marking himself as a blues guitarist of note.’
    • ‘It was true: the descendants of William Tell had all played cricket, and had all been bowlers of note.’
    distinction, importance, eminence, pre-eminence, influence, illustriousness, greatness, prestige, fame, acclaim, celebrity, renown, repute, reputation, stature, standing, position, rank, consequence, account
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