Definition of of late in English:

of late


  • Recently.

    ‘she'd been drinking too much of late’
    • ‘We have been poorly served by the media of late and shooting the messenger is not going to fix it.’
    • ‘Does the party retain its basic commitment to the free market or has it become more communitarian of late?’
    • ‘Which is good as it'll be a little more civilised than I've been used to of late.’
    • ‘This has been a problem for many years and has become a lot worse of late.’
    • ‘A shame though, as I've been listening to her most recent two albums an awful lot of late.’
    • ‘This is not a moan or a gripe but something that's been puzzling me of late.’
    • ‘The new jobs of late have been in supermarkets and call-centres, not laboratories.’
    • ‘The girls are training very hard of late and a full panel has been evident in recent weeks.’
    • ‘I am sure many readers would agree with me when I say that life seems to be increasingly hectic of late.’
    • ‘It seems I am not the only one to have suffered unending frustrations of late.’
    recently, lately, latterly, in the past few days, in the last couple of weeks, in recent times
    newly, freshly, not long ago
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