Definition of of all things in US English:

of all things


  • Out of all conceivable possibilities (used to express surprise)

    ‘What had he been thinking about? A kitten, of all things!’
    • ‘She was shocked that someone had been as cruel as to shoot the duck and, of all things, with a crossbow.’
    • ‘They both studied, of all things, Portuguese literature and translation.’
    • ‘Our only used bookstore has gone, to be replaced by a pawnshop, of all things.’
    • ‘The bizarre thing about the unsavoury incident was that the irate individual was himself, of all things, a referee.’
    • ‘The company blamed its dismal performance on, of all things, Valentine's Day falling on a Friday.’
    • ‘I sat back and watched as the two of them fought each other for a picture, of all things.’
    • ‘Well the government, of all things, has called for expressions of interest just recently.’
    • ‘He spent a few years in England in industry making, of all things, vials for medicines.’
    • ‘I drove, of all things, an Alfa diesel, and it was a glorious experience.’
    • ‘He went to London University for a degree in, of all things, theology.’