Definition of odds and ends in US English:

odds and ends

plural noun

  • Miscellaneous articles or remnants.

    • ‘She carried a box of odds and ends, holding his hair gel, combs, a loose shirt.’
    • ‘I claw at the floor, the walls, the odds and ends and knick-knacks that they decorated the apartment with.’
    • ‘An ingenious idea, we used papier mâché, loads of glue and odds and ends to adorn our poles.’
    • ‘Smith was a pack rat, collecting marbles, screws, and other odds and ends.’
    • ‘Cath's room was cluttered with odds and ends, computer parts and engine pieces.’
    • ‘I could fashion a rope out of odds and ends in the attic, wait until dark before climbing down three floors and making a break.’
    • ‘Today I got roped into doing a count of all the odds and ends in the various stock rooms around the car parks.’
    • ‘Patching together odds and ends from his house, he could build anything from scratch.’
    • ‘The dogs hauled much of the food along with odds and ends of other gear, lightening the load in the skiers' packs.’
    • ‘There are no strange electrical fixtures on the wall, and a lot less odds and ends around on the desks and tables.’
    • ‘Rainman and I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up a Christmas gift, some batteries and other odds and ends.’
    • ‘There are plenty of odds and ends of machinery littered about the engine-room floor, though it's also worth looking higher up.’
    • ‘They contained odds and ends that Grypps had collected during his stay as the Chairman of the Iter project.’
    • ‘Unless she's thrown it away, the broken watch is still in a box of miscellaneous odds and ends on a shelf in the den.’
    • ‘The tools and other odds and ends under the two sheds sit covered in dust, quietly neglected and rusting away.’
    • ‘A little common sense and an hour or two of spring cleaning will give you the extra room needed for the odds and ends that should be stored away.’
    • ‘As a result Utopía isn't referred to as an album proper, but rather a collection of odds and ends.’
    • ‘I come closer to the dresser, stepping lightly around the miscellaneous odds and ends.’
    • ‘He's got enough steaks in the freezer, and a warehouse of odds and ends from which to pull together a packet of rarities.’
    • ‘His friends, too, wander around selling odds and ends or collecting rubbish for which they get three or five rupees at the most.’
    bits and pieces, bits and bobs, bits, pieces, stuff, paraphernalia, things
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odds and ends

/ˈˌädz ən ˈen(d)z//ˈˌɑdz ən ˈɛn(d)z/