Definition of odd lot in US English:

odd lot


  • 1An incomplete set or random mixture of things.

    • ‘Let's face it the mentally ill, myself included, are an odd lot.’
    • ‘In addition, processed cheese manufacture offers companies the opportunity to reconstitute cheese trim or odd lots into a useful product.’
    • ‘The Druze seem like an odd lot too, but hey, I think most religions are a bit weird.’
    • ‘Some local retailers are sticking to price levels around 150-160p/kilo and I still have the odd lot sold at 185p/kilo but I am sure this is pretty unique.’
    • ‘On the other hand, one of the problems of handloading is that over time you end up with all sorts of odd lots of various bullets.’
    • ‘Our literary precursors were an odd lot of gifted men - and a few women - who happened to make America their subject.’
    • ‘The people are an odd lot who should probably have spent more time in lessons instead of scoring behind the bike sheds.’
    • ‘Possibly something like the members of Chuck, who are clearly an odd lot.’
    • ‘‘What an odd lot we've got here,’ commented Sebastian.’
    1. 1.1US Finance A transaction involving less than the usual round number of shares.
      • ‘Individuals, who account for most purchases, buy stamps in odd lots.’
      • ‘The odd lot sales ratio measures the ratio of odd lot sales (which trade less than 100 shares of stock at a time) to odd lot purchases.’


odd lot

/ˌäd ˈlät/