Definition of odd-toed ungulate in US English:

odd-toed ungulate


  • A hoofed mammal of an order which includes horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs. Mammals of this group have either one or three toes on each foot.

    Order Perissodactyla: three families

    Compare with even-toed ungulate
    • ‘Artiodactyls stand in contrast to the ‘odd-toed ungulates,’ the Perissodactyla, in which the plane of symmetry runs down the third toe.’
    • ‘Even- and odd-toed ungulates are the predominant large mammalian herbivores in most of the world today.’
    • ‘The horse's single toe on each of its four feet is its most marked anatomical characteristic and makes it a perissodactyl or odd-toed ungulate.’