Definition of octuple in English:



  • 1[attributive] Consisting of eight parts or things.

    • ‘I couldn't decide whether to feel old and boring or as if I was 14 and on an octuple date.’
    • ‘The five octuple launchers are installed with the caps almost flush with the surface of the bow deck behind the main gun.’
    1. 1.1Eight times as many or as much.


  • Make or become eight times as numerous or as large.

    • ‘The penalty shoot-out is unfair because it puts completely unfamiliar demands on a person and then it octuples the stakes.’
    • ‘Doctors' salaries have octupled, and 22 million vaccination doses have been given to Iraqi children.’


Early 17th century: from French octuple or Latin octuplus (both adjectives), from octo eight + -plus (as in duplus double).