Definition of ocicat in US English:



  • A domestic cat of a breed having a spotted coat that resembles that of a wild cat.

    ‘the ocicat loves attention and its leopard-style coat gives it a huge wow factor’
    • ‘The Ocicat always has spots but comes in a number of color varieties.’
    • ‘If you're looking for a feline who looks like an exotic spotted wildcat, but whose natural habitat is your living room, the Ocicat may be the cat for you.’
    • ‘Alert, modestly large ears complete the ocicat's head.’
    • ‘A seven month old Ocicat won Best in Show.’
    • ‘An unexpected member of a litter in 1964, the Ocicat was the result of the crossing of a ruddy coated Abyssinian with a seal point Siamese.’


1970s: from ocelot (from a supposed resemblance to the ocelot) + -i- + cat.