Definition of oceanic crust in US English:

oceanic crust


  • The relatively thin part of the earth's crust which underlies the ocean basins. It is geologically young compared with the continental crust and consists of basaltic rock overlain by sediments.

    • ‘Locally this high-velocity lower-crustal layer penetrates the oceanic domain, where it underplates the thin Cretaceous oceanic crust.’
    • ‘Enormous pressures are produced in this region, for the continental crust and the oceanic crust are moving toward each other.’
    • ‘The continental slope connects the continental shelf and the oceanic crust.’
    • ‘In contrast to the continental crust, the oceanic crust is young, thin, and chemically magnesium-rich.’
    • ‘The record of subduction of the Indian oceanic crust beneath Burma is somewhat uncertain.’