Definition of occurrent in US English:



  • Actually occurring or observable, not potential or hypothetical.

    • ‘And it would be implausible to suppose that such beliefs are even very often among his occurrent beliefs.’
    • ‘These are judgments about one's conscious and occurrent first-order intentional states referring to physical objects.’
    • ‘Dasein is not merely an instance of a class of occurrent entities.’
    • ‘Thus we don't have the Being of tools nor the Being of naturally occurrent items like rocks.’
    • ‘The first response argues that our action isn't always caused by occurrent beliefs - we sometimes act through habit, or by instinct, for instance.’
    • ‘Moser defines the appropriate occurrent association relation as follows.’
    • ‘Emotions, like beliefs and desires, can exist either as occurrent events or as persisting modifications of the mind.’
    • ‘Who I am depends on what I make of my ‘properties’; they matter to me in a way that is impossible for merely available and occurrent entities.’
    • ‘For an understanding to be about some thing, such as a cat, is for there to be an occurrent concept in the mind that is a natural likeness of a cat.’


Late 15th century: from French, or from Latin occurrent- ‘befalling’, from the verb occurrere.