Definition of occupancy in US English:



  • 1The action or fact of occupying a place.

    ‘the house is finally ready for occupancy’
    • ‘Site occupancy generally increased following lighter mortality and decreased following heavier mortality.’
    • ‘If no partner is found, there is no surcharge for single occupancy.’
    • ‘Some facility executives still believe that occupancy sensors are the temperamental beasts of yesteryear.’
    • ‘Prices start at $899 per person, double occupancy, for an interior stateroom.’
    • ‘But again, there will be legally binding conditions which restrict the occupancy of the dwelling.’
    • ‘The units, which are competitively priced, are ready for immediate occupancy.’
    • ‘When two states occur in parallel, their estimated occupancy distributions are similar.’
    • ‘The homes will be covered by a covenant which restricts occupancy to local people.’
    • ‘The zone lengths were reflected in the corresponding state occupancies, which were all bell-shaped distributions.’
    • ‘The move allowed Blue Cross employees to reduce occupancy costs by consolidating its employees from 30 floors into eight.’
    • ‘It was ready for occupancy in the summer of 1903 and they moved into the four-storey building with full basement.’
    • ‘‘More villas are under construction and will be ready for occupancy very soon,’ said Gu Weizhong of the group.’
    • ‘All lodging prices are per night, double occupancy unless otherwise noted.’
    • ‘Manchester had 57.4 per cent of prisoners sharing cells designed for single occupancy.’
    • ‘Members thought the Lake District National Park Authority should grant permission provided there was a local occupancy clause.’
    • ‘A local occupancy clause has now been included for people who live or work in the area.’
    • ‘Of the remaining 13,000 cases, the Government claims that only 20 per cent relate to illegal or multiple occupancies.’
    • ‘They want to make sure the apartments can't be used for permanent residential occupancy or sold separately.’
    • ‘They recommended single room occupancies and drug treatment programs.’
    • ‘At least half of the 60 houses have been vacated and the remainder, except the 13, have agreed terms to cease occupancy.’
    occupation, tenancy, tenure, residence, residency, inhabitation, habitation, lease, possession, holding, owner-occupancy, multi-occupancy, use, term
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    1. 1.1 The proportion of accommodations occupied or in use, typically in a hotel.
      ‘the 70 percent occupancy needed to give a profit’
      • ‘Room occupancies and average rates have seen a steady improvement as the hotel adjusts its market mix and product line up.’
      • ‘We have intensive care beds, high occupancy and an excellent, very professional team.’
      • ‘Hotel occupancy levels at Christmas and New Year were the highest ever, with over 60 % of beds occupied.’
      • ‘All the bedrooms in the hotel are en-suite and it enjoys a high occupancy.’
      • ‘The hotel occupancy rate dropped 20 per cent compared with last April, according to official statistics.’
      • ‘All cation-binding sites with occupancies higher then 5% were analyzed in detail.’
      • ‘The hotel had previously recorded 100 per cent room occupancy during public holidays with many clients coming from outside Livingstone.’
      • ‘Official occupancy figures were down by up to 80 percent in some resort hotels at the peak of the violence.’
      • ‘But hotel room occupancies during the two-week event were said to have been up to 20% lower than expectations.’
      • ‘Evidence from Europe shows that an 85 percent bed occupancy rate dramatically reduces infections.’
      • ‘Four- and three-star hotels are surviving, with between 40 percent and 60 percent room occupancy.’
      • ‘But bed occupancy levels for the same three months were worse than for almost any year between 1993 and 1999.’
      • ‘Before we enjoyed full occupancy, but now it is only about 80 percent.’
      • ‘Last year it launched its own central reservations operations to maximise room occupancy.’
      • ‘Twelve hotels - four full-service and eight mid-sized - reported occupancies of over 90%.’
      • ‘Five-star hotels in Bangalore are expected to register occupancies in excess of 88% this winter.’
      • ‘High occupancies and room rates have combined to lift operating margins to well over 50 per cent in many cases.’
      • ‘The group has an average occupancy of 74 per cent, while room rates average at €60 a night.’
      • ‘The minimum occupancy level for homes to remain commercially viable is 84 %.’
      • ‘In three years, the resort's occupancy increased from 22 % to 65 %.’