Definition of obstructive in US English:



  • 1Causing a blockage or obstruction.

    ‘all tubing should be cleared of obstructive algae and detritus’
    • ‘Mr. Ralph, director of community, economy and environment, told the cabinet some market users had found it difficult and sometimes even impossible to set up because of obstructive vehicles.’
    • ‘Here too, point number three emphasized that the buses should not be brought to a halt in an obstructive way in front of bus stops.’
    • ‘Mrs Brown said that throughout Jones behaved in a violent and obstructive manner, at one point clinging on to a row of shopping trolleys.’
    • ‘The group brought up issues including obstructive parking, criminal damage, drug and alcohol abuse, and vandalism as specific problem areas for the estate.’
    • ‘There have been a number of difficulties with car parking, including unauthorised public parking, obstruction of access for Fire service vehicles and obstructive car parking in general.’
    • ‘Residents in the area, who have had to put up with obstructive on-street parking and a sharp rise in traffic volumes, are understandably reluctant to see a bigger capacity park developed on the site of the current car park.’
    • ‘The proposed development will not form a visually obstructive feature in the landscape.’
    • ‘They worried that women sporting the obstructive hairstyle were lowering wartime factory production.’
    • ‘But councillors claim absentee and obstructive landlords and residents could block the scheme in some streets.’
    • ‘HABITUÉS of Sydney's varied night life have long been aware that the main hazards in the bars and clubs are not the exotic concoctions on sale, but the obstructive and obnoxious bouncers on every door.’
    • ‘A caller reported kids throwing leaves at passing cars on McGee Drive, saying she was ‘momentarily blinded’ by obstructed view from the leaves.’
    • ‘We are confident that when this motion comes before the Council for debate, that it will be carried and these obstructive bollards will be removed once and for all.’
    • ‘But one window, to the storeroom at the back, is open, and I step through and in, tearing my shirt on an obstructive nail as I go.’
    • ‘The re-gasification terminals are viewed as large, obstructive and generally displeasing to the eye for local residents and businesses.’
    • ‘The leaflet informs the vehicle owner of their obstructive parking and warns them that it is an offence and could lead to prosecution.’
    • ‘Pedestrian charity and road safety campaign group, Living Streets joins battle against illegal and obstructive parking in the Norwich area by issuing its own parking warning notices.’
    • ‘The edging for these borders should be selected carefully, not too high to be obstructive, not too low to be a waste of time and absolutely no sharp edges.’
    • ‘We are not trying to be obstructive, it is a safety issue.’
    • ‘The council's ideas include widening footways, narrowing short stretches of the road, improving bus waiting areas, tackling obstructive street furniture and making the route more attractive and easier to walk with repaving.’
    • ‘‘It's essential that SNH staff have a statutory right of access to all land and water without having to seek permission from obstructive land-owners,’ he said.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to obstruction of a passage in the body, especially the intestines or the bronchi.
      ‘the child developed severe obstructive symptoms’
      • ‘Excess body weight contributes to obstructive sleep apnea, as does extra tissue at the back of your mouth and in your throat.’
      • ‘On follow-up, the size of the lesions decreased, and the obstructive symptoms improved with antibiotic treatment alone.’
      • ‘Only if obstructive symptoms are significant would surgery be indicated, even in cases of systemic amyloidosis.’
      • ‘This drug should be used with caution in patients who have significant cardiovascular disease, controlled asthma, chronic bronchitis, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.’
      • ‘He had recently developed rectal pain, significant lower gastrointestinal obstructive symptoms, and weight loss.’
      • ‘Multiple studies have shown that those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea have a decrease in their quality of life.’
      • ‘People who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea are more likely to die suddenly from a heart attack when they are sleeping, according to a new study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic.’
      • ‘Surgery still remains the standard of treatment for obstructive symptoms.’
      • ‘Apart from snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness is the most common symptom of obstructive sleep apnea.’
      • ‘Heliox has been used and studied in adults with asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and respiratory acidosis.’
      • ‘They treated 39 patients with obstructive symptoms using medical therapy.’
      • ‘People with chronic bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may experience recurrent exacerbations with worsening symptoms or greater volume or purulence of sputum.’
      • ‘Infants and children with paraphimosis may present with obstructive voiding symptoms and, when severe, acute urinary obstruction.’
      • ‘He advised that Mr. Jackson was suffering from chronic simple bronchitis, chronic obstructive airways disease and emphysema, all arising from his past history of cigarette smoking.’
      • ‘It can help in the diagnosis of an obstructive ventilatory pattern.’
      • ‘The medical profession has known about the childhood obstructive sleep apnea syndrome since at least the 19th century.’
      • ‘Third, the duration of inspiratory effort is difficult to determine in obstructive disease with dynamic hyperinflation, due to a variable degree of neuromuscular uncoupling.’
      • ‘Maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent obstructive sleep apnea, a blockage in the throat or upper airway that temporarily halts breathing and disrupts sleep patterns.’
      • ‘The authors conclude the four weeks of treatment with a mandibular advancement splint improves daytime sleepiness and a range of other symptoms in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.’
      • ‘He denied having had a sexually transmitted disease, urinary tract infection, previous paraphimosis, instrumentation, piercings, or obstructive symptoms.’
  • 2Causing or tending to cause deliberate difficulties and delays.

    ‘instead of being helpful, she had been a shade obstructive’
    • ‘Was Mrs Smith deliberately obstructive or uncooperative?’
    • ‘I hadn't expected to discover that they (their rules) were deliberately obstructive as well.’
    • ‘The police constable told the court that when Smith was taken to Scarborough police station he was ‘difficult, obstructive and offensive towards the custody sergeant’.’
    • ‘The judge described F as having been deliberately obstructive.’
    • ‘However awkward and obstructive the dictator has been, the president is going to war come what may.’
    • ‘Tunes Online Ltd yesterday blamed obstructive record companies for its decision to delay the relaunch of its music service by several months.’
    • ‘People who have been arrested are under a lot of stress and this produces obstructive and confrontational or violent behaviour - we need people who can defuse these situations.’
    • ‘The ‘men in suits’, continually seeking change in the most obstructive way, brought confusion and chaos that disrupted the teaching process.’
    • ‘Confidence and ambition regarding the international competitiveness of these industries made trade barriers and protection appear unnecessary and obstructive.’
    • ‘Abelard found the monks of Saint Gilda's difficult and obstructive - even dangerous - and he claims that there were several attempts on his life while in residence.’
    • ‘His behaviour and attitude towards his supervisory team amounts to his being deliberately obstructive.’
    • ‘This is where the industry is being deliberately obstructive, holding Britain back in the meantime.’
    • ‘Human documents belong to humankind: hence his rage against obstructive archivists who dare refuse access to precious materials which have fallen to their care.’
    • ‘If anything, company personnel were obstructive: Mr Jones first delayed the audit and then failed to implement it.’
    • ‘That typifies his attitude throughout the case that has been uncooperative, obstructive and difficult.’
    • ‘I note they worked assiduously to cooperate with the Military Committee - even when the Government and the Defence Minister were deliberately obstructive.’
    • ‘It was and is reasonable to hold that Burke was deliberately and knowingly obstructive of the tribunal's work.’
    • ‘That typifies his attitude throughout the case uncooperative, obstructive and difficult.’
    • ‘The Ombudsman is also becoming an apologist for the Government, protecting obstructive Ministers who want to keep matters of government - the real facts - secret from the public.’
    • ‘For instance, an application to open a farm shop could have serious highways problems, but local authorities can be more obstructive than helpful in farm diversification.’
    making difficulties, unhelpful, uncooperative, awkward, difficult, unaccommodating, disobliging, unconstructive, perverse, contrary
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