Definition of object lesson in English:

object lesson


  • A striking practical example of some principle or ideal.

    ‘they responded to emergencies in a way that was an object lesson to us all’
    • ‘Nauru is an object lesson in what can happen to a small country with a rich but narrow, and finite, resource base.’
    • ‘Just last week, the bankruptcy of the company provided a sobering object lesson.’
    • ‘Germany's past must, he believes, continue to serve as an object lesson.’
    • ‘He portrays himself as a sad sack, but an emblematic, representative one - an object lesson to others.’
    • ‘If those right shoes do not arrive, and for that matter it is not clear what he will do with them, all concerned will have had an object lesson in the fact that two lefts do not make a right.’
    • ‘In reality, a condition that sometimes applies even to football, the unfortunate Smith can be read as an object lesson.’
    • ‘Here's an object lesson in getting your academic work into the papers.’
    • ‘Theirs is an object lesson in making good in the face of adversity and it has been a privilege to represent them.’
    • ‘There's no question about that, but you know, this has to be an object lesson for parents who are sending their children off.’
    • ‘Instead of shaking his hand at the end of the match I should have paid him handsomely for an object lesson in the less than gentlemanly art of wing forward play.’
    • ‘The Foreign Minister gave MPs an object lesson on how incomes had increased under the National’
    • ‘In the final analysis, Nature via Nurture offers no ultimate explanation of what makes us tick but it does provide a step along the way and an object lesson in how to find out.’
    • ‘It is also an object lesson in the dangers of trying to impose democracy in a culture that is not ready for it.’
    • ‘But at the end of the day I see him as an object lesson as much as anything else.’
    • ‘His fall was so spectacular, so swift once it began in earnest, that watching the process became an object lesson in how not conduct oneself.’
    • ‘Beautifully conceived and skilfully executed, this is an object lesson in successfully blended artforms.’
    • ‘Bryant, regardless of the charges against him, provides an object lesson on the power of friendship.’
    • ‘Brown's pathetic waffle was a real object lesson in what happens when politicians think they can take people for complete fools.’
    • ‘Wrangling an invitation to an NBA tryout was, he says, an object lesson in how to win friends and influence people.’
    • ‘They take it as an object lesson, an all too-familiar story.’


object lesson

/ˈäbjək(t) ˌlesn//ˈɑbdʒək(t) ˌlɛsn/