Definition of obelia in English:



  • A genus of marine animals that bear polyps and produce medusae, and that form colonies that attach to rocks or the ocean bottom.

    • ‘This slide shows a medusa from the colonial cnidarian Obelia.’
    • ‘In the coelenterate Obelia, the egg develops into a colonial hydroid consisting of a series of branching Hydra-like organisms called polyps.’
    • ‘Obelia is used in many zoology textbooks to exemplify the Hydrozoa life cycle.’
    • ‘Cnidarians of the genus Obelia form colonies of polyps in their asexual generation.’
    • ‘This is a slide of Obelia, a colonial marine cnidarian that shows a distinct polymorphism in the organization of its members.’
    • ‘Although most of the life of Obelia is spent in the sessile polyp form, medusa buds produced within reproductive polyps called gonangia escape into the water column.’


Modern Latin, from Greek obelos ‘pointed pillar’.