Definition of obedient in English:



  • Complying or willing to comply with orders or requests; submissive to another's will.

    ‘a docile and obedient dog’
    ‘children are taught to be obedient to their parents’
    • ‘Kate is eventually tamed and obedient towards her husband by the end of the play.’
    • ‘This seems to be, in many ways, a question of one law for the them, and one for the obedient puppy, excepting for some salient cases.’
    • ‘Even grown men are expected to take orders from their mothers, expected to be obedient till the day they die.’
    • ‘Noriko reached into her miniature satchel and retrieved the requested item like an obedient nurse in an operating theatre.’
    • ‘Row after row of white tennis shoes sit upright on foot spikes like pristine, obedient soldiers standing to attention.’
    • ‘Other people enjoy the dance of the fingers across an obedient keyboard.’
    • ‘Like an obedient servant, who follows his master's commands, the young ones always go with the mother.’
    • ‘We have been taught to be obedient to authorities and not to think for ourselves much.’
    • ‘Dee believed the Angels to be obedient servants of God, submissive to the authority of Christ.’
    • ‘Children are expected to be obedient and to show respect for their elders.’
    • ‘No one knows what to make of her because she seems so obedient.’
    • ‘Make me like in mind to you, as an obedient child, meek and still.’
    • ‘Sometimes, he turns me into a child and I become shy and obedient.’
    • ‘Her daughters also read spiritual works and were obedient to their mother.’
    • ‘They are expected to be obedient and comply with requests from adults immediately.’
    • ‘Since when did her quiet, passive, obedient brother ever command anyone?’
    • ‘Commanded to sit by Sir Walter, the women are all obedient acquiescence.’
    • ‘Of course, every American is not always ignorant, hypocritical and obedient.’
    • ‘Iain has encouraged me to share this with you and since I'm such an obedient wife…’
    • ‘With Mimi he was expected to be neatly groomed, dutiful and obedient.’
    compliant, acquiescent, tractable, amenable
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  • your obedient servant

    • dated A formula used to end a letter.

      • ‘They all signed off any official communication to any ordinary citizen with, ‘I am your obedient servant.’’
      • ‘We beg to remain, sirs, your obedient servant… the England cricket team.’
      • ‘As your obedient servant, I acquired both products and have been testing them ever since.’
      • ‘I have the honour to remain, Ma'am, your obedient servant,’
      • ‘It was an age when letters routinely ended with formulae like ‘I beg to remain your obedient servant’ although the writer had no wish to do anything of the kind.’


Middle English: via Old French from Latin oboedient- ‘obeying’, from the verb oboedire (see obey).