Definition of obconical in English:


(also obconic)


  • In the form of an inverted cone.

    • ‘The sponges are large, obconical to conical-cylindrical, with dermal surface marked by irregular, horizontal, annulations or nodes and closely spaced, thin, longitudinal ridges.’
    • ‘In comparison to known species of the genus, Rhopalocoelia bachuensis, is a relatively larger and broader obconical sponge.’
    • ‘Most genera included in the family are steeply obconical to cylindrical, but a few are ovoid, at least as flattened.’
    • ‘The specimen is a large, broadly obconical sponge with broken base and subhemispherical uppermost oscular margin.’
    • ‘The species is represented in our collections by small anthaspidellid sponges that range from stalked individuals that expand upward as broadly to steeply obconical forms, to more rare simple branched forms.’