Definition of obbligato in English:


(also obligato)


  • usually with or as modifier An instrumental part, typically distinctive in effect, which is integral to a piece of music and should not be omitted in performance.

    • ‘The sequence of choruses, solos and duets accompanied by muted strings with, in turn, obbligato solo flute, oboe and horn, all supply inspiration and underline the work's deep spirituality.’
    • ‘It is not sung, but only declaimed, and the music is like an obbligato recitative.’
    • ‘Look, if you want a descending obligato, do it in the privacy of your own home away from us normal people.’
    • ‘Her voice joined in; softly working it's way through the obbligato, increasing in volume gradually.’
    • ‘The skilful use of obligato, the counter melody flowing around the main melody, is an unfailing attraction of his music.’
    backing, support, background, soundtrack, comp
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Italian, literally ‘obligatory’, from Latin obligatus, past participle of obligare (see oblige).