Definition of nylon in US English:



  • 1A tough, lightweight, elastic synthetic polymer with a protein-like chemical structure, able to be produced as filaments, sheets, or molded objects.

    • ‘Nylon is one of the most common polymers used as a fiber.’
    • ‘The resulting hydrogenated compounds are starting materials for nylon and polyester intermediates.’
    • ‘Nylon is made of repeating units with amide linkages between them: hence it is frequently referred to as a polyamide.’
    • ‘Nylon is the most famous condensation polymer.’
    • ‘RF welding is most useful for joining plastics that have strong dipoles such as PVCs, polyurethanes, and nylons.’
    • ‘For example, consider the production of adipic acid, which is used to manufacture nylon 6,6.’
    1. 1.1 Fabric or yarn made from nylon fibers.
      • ‘The fuel cells in the tanker are made of nylon fabric less than one-sixteenth of an inch thick.’
      • ‘He pulled out a small length of thin nylon rope and a knife.’
      • ‘It had two slabs of TNT over the chest and in the small of the back and was made of blue nylon.’
      • ‘Singlets are made predominantly from either Lycra, nylon or a combination of the two fabrics.’
      • ‘Next the guards produced some straps that looked to be made of canvas or nylon with a buckle at one end.’
      • ‘PVC, hot air balloon fabrics and nylon were all featured in this neat capsule collection of black and white womenswear.’
      • ‘The pickup box was covered with a greasy tarpaulin held down by an equally greasy yellow nylon rope.’
      • ‘The inquest heard that the blue nylon rope had been woven through the loops of a trellis attached to a gazebo rather than tied.’
      • ‘Officials then invited the mother Milad Kahani to put the blue nylon rope around his neck.’
      • ‘For a stretchy chain stitch, use texturized nylon or polyester thread in the needle or looper.’
      • ‘Recently, I was dismayed at Rowan introducing acrylic and nylon into some of their yarns.’
      • ‘Alternatively he has created a piece that uses the shape of a target; this is made from red, white, and blue nylon.’
      • ‘They found these blue and gray nylon fibers in Westerfield's home and two dozen of them in and around her body.’
      • ‘Her father guiding the play of the fish, her lifting the green nylon net in anticipation and finally the heavy weight in it.’
      • ‘Elaine turned away from the closet, holding a pair of beige nylon pants and a red silk blouse.’
      • ‘As a tenant, I had witnessed just about every way you can put a hole in a plaster wall or stain a piece of cheap nylon carpet.’
      • ‘In addition to hosiery, nylon is used in tricot, netting for bridal veils, and in carpeting.’
      • ‘Any nylon fibers sticking out at the top and bottom of the samples were trimmed with scissors.’
      • ‘Brands such as nylon and Lycra take heavy investment to keep people constantly aware of them.’
      • ‘Parachutes sewn at home are made from ripstop nylon and use twill tape to reinforce its seams.’
    2. 1.2nylons Stockings or hose made of nylon.
      • ‘She donned a pair of shimmery black nylons to hide the bruises on her legs, pointy stiletto shoes and grabbed a silver coloured shawl and headed back out to see him.’
      • ‘Next year's issue of stockings will consist of four pairs of nylons and eight pairs of rayon stockings.’
      • ‘Am I ok wearing a knee-length pencil skirt and closed-toe heels minus the nylons?’
      • ‘She surprises me by buying skirts, dresses, nylons, pantyhose, and high heels for us.’
      • ‘The only thing that dislodged was her navy blue Swiss polka dot skirt which dropped over her upside down head revealing a tattered pair of grayish cotton underpants and some nylons that were tied in knots behind her knee.’
      • ‘The garbage bag also contained underwear, socks and nylons.’
      • ‘On Anya's birthday, when she wore that red suit and knee socks and those nylons and sandals, I just couldn't stand it.’
      • ‘The Stashower brothers came to Canada from Poland in 1952, and Harry began the business selling pantyhose and nylons out of his house.’
      • ‘No money changed hands, but, when it was over, the market trader handed her a pair of nylons as she wept.’
      • ‘I dug through the pile nearest me, finding clothes that were of little help: black slacks, silk shirts and nylons.’
      • ‘She's dressed in a baggy sweater, a miniskirt, nylons and high-tops.’
      • ‘The film provides another respite in a scene in which the women, clad in fetishy black bras and nylons, dance together in a hotel room.’
      • ‘Heidi suggested using a pair of tights or nylons, but I used my non-terrycloth kitchen towel with a cheesy Montmartre pattern on it, thinking it would be most appropriate.’
      • ‘At one time a popular New York store sold out of it's entire stock of 50,000 pairs of nylons in six hours.’
      • ‘I picked a pair of high-heeled black shoes from the closet as well and slipped them on over a pair of sheer nylons.’
      • ‘Is it tacky to wear a skirt with boots and no nylons in the Fall?’
      • ‘She documents herself pulling on dozens of pairs of nylons, one on top of the other.’
      • ‘Iggy himself is tastefully arrayed in leather jacket, miniskirt, garters, nylons and heels; dipping and thrusting, hunching and high-kicking, he seems to be in peak condition.’
      • ‘I turned her on to nylons, garters, corsets, mini-skirts.’
      • ‘He wore panties and nylons under his uniform and, once he rose in rank, cross-dressed in the privacy of his own room.’


1930s: an invented word, on the pattern of cotton and rayon.