Definition of Nuyorican in US English:


(also Newyorican)


  • A Puerto Rican living in the US, especially in New York City.

    • ‘Yunqué's novel is about a Nuyorican and her punk-rocker boyfriend, Omaha Bigelow, who finds himself without a job and, perhaps more lamentable, with a particularly embarrassing anatomical problem.’
    • ‘He embraced and identified what it was to be a Nuyorican, a Puerto Rican growing up in New York.’
    • ‘Best known as Nuyorican, New Yorkers of Puerto Rican ancestry also define themselves as AmeRican, Borinquen, Boricua, or simply Rican.’
    • ‘Part New Yorker, part Puerto Rican, Nuyoricans have become an integral part of New York City culture.’
    • ‘Paying attention to language helps identify a Puerto Rican in New York as a new arrival from the island rather than a Nuyorican.’