Definition of nux vomica in English:

nux vomica


  • 1A spiny southern Asian tree with berrylike fruit and toxic seeds that are a commercial source of strychnine.

    • ‘Belladonna, sepia and nux vomica are among the most common ingredients.’
    • ‘De Abano in the fourteenth century included mercury, copper, lapis lazuli, arsenic sublimate, litharge, nux vomica, laurel berries, and hellebore in his De Remedis Venenorum.’
    • ‘The Strychnine tree also known as Nux vomica, is an evergreen tree native to southeast Asia, a member of family Loganiaceae.’
    • ‘Extracts of nux vomica have been used in some preparations.’
    • ‘The Nux Vomica, we learn, is also known as 'The Poison Tree'.’
    1. 1.1A homeopathic preparation of the nux vomica plant used especially for the treatment of symptoms of overeating and overdrinking.
      • ‘I also recommend the remedy nux vomica for sickness following surgery.’
      • ‘Back pain can be ‘cured’ with horse chestnut and nux vomica.’
      • ‘Homeopathic remedies, including nux vomica, iris, belladona and others seem to help some headache sufferers.’
      • ‘A homeopathic remedy for hangovers is the attractively-named nux vomica, which is available in most health food stores.’
      • ‘Other remedies you mentioned: Arnica montana and nux vomica.’


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin, from Latin nux nut + vomica causing vomiting (from vomere to vomit).


nux vomica

/ˌno͝oks ˈväməkə/