Definition of nutter in US English:



  • A crazy or eccentric person.

    • ‘Nicotine withdrawal causes people to be nutters.’
    • ‘Chances are that a small town in Georgia is going to include an equal proportion of rednecks, religious maniacs and nutters.’
    • ‘In the process they've become renowned as crackpot conspiracy theorists and nutters.’
    • ‘How come I always sit next to the nutters on public transport?’
    • ‘I am sure that if you signed up to a mailing list for any other non-political interest group you would soon find it dominated by the rantings of deranged nutters and/or other obsessives.’
    • ‘California draws visionaries, seekers, nutters and pseudo-scientists, many with sci-fi dreams roaring in their ears.’
    • ‘Tucker possessed piercing blue eyes, pale, slightly watery of the kind usually possessed by homicidal nutters in Hollywood thrillers.’
    • ‘Just because some nutters are holding a conference, it doesn't mean you need to take them seriously, or devote 15 minutes of airtime.’
    • ‘They're all lovable nutters but nutters nonetheless.’
    • ‘It's like radio phone-ins: unless you are ruthless about cutting people off you'll end up swamped by nutters.’
    • ‘We also have a history rich in heroes, villains and nutters, a glorious climate, and some of the best food in the whole world, ever.’
    • ‘But who but a few nutters are going to question the idea that child abuse is wrong?’
    • ‘So theoretically, you could get 8 hours sleep a night, unless you were one of the 5:30 am swimming/yoga nutters.’
    • ‘For two hours we shouted and clapped ourselves into a group of frenzied, adrenaline-charged nutters cheering each other on, urging everyone to overcome their fears.’
    • ‘Not only are the odds of getting caught up in something like this astronomically large but I refuse to be terrorised by (what appears to be) religious nutters.’
    • ‘No longer will they associate it with nutters, wackos and the irredeemably mad.’
    • ‘It seems that all the nutters in Glasgow rush to crowd the kerbside when I am driving; urchins are forever stepping out between parked cars while wrestling with wriggling puppies.’
    • ‘Has Ramon considered the fact that more than a few of them might be very lonely people, frustrated housewives with psychotic husbands or just nutters?’
    • ‘Yes, there are some nutters out there who ride bikes, but it would be nice if the police concentrated on bad drivers for once, instead of pulling bikers for noisy exhausts and small number plates.’
    • ‘We must start engaging with, not agreeing with, the radical groups who we have said in the past are complete nutters.’
    madman, madwoman, maniac, lunatic
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