Definition of nutshell in English:



  • The hard woody covering around the kernel of a nut.

    • ‘Notably, however, the remains present are fruit stones and nutshells, items that would have been discarded during the final preparation of a meal or at the time of consumption.’
    • ‘It is made from the luohan guo, a round brown fruit with crisp nutshells.’
    • ‘Similarly, hickory, walnut, and acorn nutshells have been recovered from Late Paleoindian and Early Archaic contexts at the Hester site, Smith's Ferry, Pickens County, and Rodgers Shelter.’
    • ‘Fruits and vegetables were available at the time according to the discovery on the same site of fruit stones, nutshells and more stools containing leeks and other vegetable matter.’
    • ‘Soon their way veered from the shoreline, and they walked under large canopies of beech trees that dropped nutshells at their feet.’