Definition of nutsedge in US English:



  • An invasive sedge with small edible nutlike tubers.

    Genus Cyperus, family Cyperaceae: two species, purple nutsedge (C. rotundus) and yellow nutsedge (C. esculentus). See also chufa

    Also called nutgrass
    • ‘In addition to control of Poa trivialis, the evaluations will include control of yellow nutsedge, tall fescue, quack grass and several other grassy weeds.’
    • ‘But once established, they can be next to impossible to get rid of, as anyone who has battled Bermuda grass or yellow nutsedge in flower beds will attest.’
    • ‘It will provide control of major weeds including purple and yellow nutsedge, kyllinga, oxalis and Poa annua.’
    • ‘Early in his learning curve with conservation tillage, Johnson tried to control annual grasses, nutsedge, and morning glories by strip-tilling peanuts into mowed rye.’
    • ‘In addition, perennial weeds, such as nutsedge and dandelions, often have enough energy to push through the fabric.’