Definition of nurse's aide in English:

nurse's aide


  • A person who assists professional nurses in a hospital or other medical facility by performing routine tasks, such a making beds and serving meals, that require little or no formal training.

    • ‘At that time the hospital was desperately seeking nurse's aides.’
    • ‘Her ambition to become a nurse, thwarted by circumstance and conservative attitudes in Holland, is partially fulfilled when she gets work as a nurse's aide at Old Timers.’
    • ‘But the problem with that approach, at least in the hospital setting, is that the nurse doesn't get to know the patient at all and the nurse's aides don't necessarily have the knowledge to know when something isn't right with the patient.’
    • ‘Her introduction to the Nation of Islam came via a nurse's aide who invited her to a dinner given by the organization.’
    • ‘At any given moment, there are 14 distinct levels of medical staff, from nurse's aides to attending physicians with years of experience.’
    • ‘The striking workers are members of a union affiliated with the Confédération des syndicats nationaux that represents more than 2,000 orderlies, nurse's aides, receptionists and housekeeping staff.’
    • ‘We started walking towards town together and he explained he was on his way to a job interview as a nurse's aide.’
    • ‘Do you think because she was a nurse's aide that the jury might have held her to a higher behavioral standard?’
    • ‘As I was being wheeled up to the emergency room the nurse's aide had matter-of-factly shared that the hospital was being razed in a couple of months, as it was not earthquake safe.’
    • ‘During those years I worked at Eventide Home as a part-time nurse's aide.’
    • ‘I mean, she worked when I was small as a nurse's aide.’
    • ‘The registered nurses (who, keep in mind, have a 79% effectiveness rate at preventing the extremely expensive social problem of child abuse) get paid salaries more appropriate for nurse's aides.’
    • ‘Roy Brewer is a 35-year-old personal trainer and nurse's aide who began fooling around with weights at age 12 and became serious in his late teens.’
    • ‘I used to work as a nurse's aide at the local hospital in the long-term facility and I used to say that there were too many cancers.’
    • ‘Eventually she made her way to Salzburg, Austria, where she became a nurse's aide at the U.S.32nd Field Hospital.’
    • ‘But by late March, when a nurse, a nurse's aide and a National Guardsman all died of heart attacks following vaccination, the hospitals' resistance seemed less deplorable than prescient.’
    • ‘I went to summer camp there and my mother worked there as a nurse's aide.’
    • ‘Though Hicks tries to make ends meet, she has bounced between jobs as a nurse's aide and food service worker because of health problems.’
    • ‘Today Walker is a nurse's aide with plans to attend nursing school.’
    • ‘Working at the clinic, he saw firsthand how older patients often found that Medicare wouldn't cover the costs of nurse's aides or in-home care.’