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  • 1Relating to marriage or weddings.

    ‘moments of nuptial bliss’
    • ‘The ranks have thinned in this third instalment of the American Pie franchise, which sees Jim and Michelle taking the big nuptial leap.’
    • ‘Interestingly, I have thought about where I would go for my honeymoon, and when that time of nuptial bliss comes along, I have always thought I would make it Jamaica.’
    • ‘Now that we know that homosexuals exist - that they are not just neurotic heterosexuals who need a few jolts of electroshock - the extension of the nuptial contract to them is not a sundering of tradition but an extension of it.’
    • ‘The event, which followed on from the success of last autumn's event at the same venue, saw a host of wedding exhibitions to answer every nuptial need.’
    • ‘In May, Cromane saw the first of the 2003 weddings when Martina Stack of Stookisland married Nigel Clifford of Keel and Mary King of the Lake exchanged nuptial vows with Karl McCarthy’
    • ‘Most single, 30-something women consider the wedding-bouquet toss the most dreaded of all nuptial rituals.’
    • ‘One such tongue-in-cheek invitation that has brought a lot of smiles, especially among those in the advertising industry here, is that of Shaji and Sini, who are to tie the nuptial knot in Kochi next week and settle down in Coimbatore.’
    • ‘He was in attendance on the Duke at the marriage at Dover in 1673, and was given the suit and a waistcoat (now missing), together with a saddle and bridle, which were also among the nuptial accoutrements.’
    • ‘The nuptial ceremony was celebrated by Fr. John Kenny, Westport and he was assisted by Fr. Sean Noone, Pullathomas.’
    • ‘Kevin Vallely from Asdee and Trina Horgan from Duagh exchanged nuptial vows before 360 invited guests and everyone travelled on afterwards to the Dromhall Hotel in Killarney for the reception.’
    • ‘Even in modern times some traditions still call for wedding ceremonies where both the man and women wear nuptial wreaths.’
    • ‘Their marriage was celebrated with barbaric pomp and festivity, at his wooden palace beyond the Danube; and the monarch, oppressed with wine and sleep, retired at a late hour from the banquet to the nuptial bed.’
    • ‘I watch a wedding party stroll down dainty Secretary's Lane to the registry office - Gibraltar is becoming a popular nuptial destination, thanks to the ease of obtaining a marriage certificate.’
    • ‘Longtime pair Anita Campbell and Mark Lewis tied the nuptial knot this Saturday, Feb. 16 at Café de Ville, the exquisite eatery on 124 Street that Campbell purchased in 2000.’
    • ‘Twenty eight days is apparently how long you normally stay if after getting disgustingly drunk and wrecking your sister's wedding, not to mention the nuptial limousine you reluctantly enter an American ‘rehabilitation’ clinic.’
    • ‘That's pretty much what happened last Saturday, when - amid the throngs of bridal parties posing for nuptial pics - a small band of white power advocates scuffled with anti-racism activists.’
    • ‘While I'm not going on an actual Wedding Tour this year, my nuptial calendar is, as always, quite full.’
    • ‘As far as I know, nobody has ever been injured or killed during a gay wedding - though what happens after nuptial bliss subsides, who can say?’
    • ‘Traditional nuptial vows declare that a marriage will last until ‘death do us part,’ but technology now allows men, at least, to leave something of themselves behind.’
    • ‘Away from the mundane rituals, the couple preferred to plant tree saplings at the Pudupettai area in Salem city to mark their entry into the life of nuptial bliss.’
    matrimonial, marital, marriage, wedding, conjugal, connubial, bridal
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    1. 1.1Zoology Denoting the characteristic breeding behavior, coloration, or structures of some animals.
      ‘nuptial plumage’
      • ‘The males develop nuptial coloration consisting of red-colored fins and eyes.’
      • ‘Scientists have found that, even in the animal kingdom, males hand out so-called nuptial gifts that seem to be worthless.’
      • ‘Reproductively active males develop rows of nuptial tubercles on the front of the head and lower jaw, a thick, spongy dorsal pad anterior of the dorsal fin for cleaning eggs, and dark body coloration broken by two golden vertical bands.’
      • ‘Courtship behavior in Photinus fireflies provides a unique opportunity to explore the interaction between female preference, male courtship signals and nuptial gifts.’
      • ‘This specimen is an adult male in very high nuptial plumage, and is No.3002 of my register.’


usually nuptials
  • A wedding.

    ‘the forthcoming nuptials between Richard and Jocelyn’
    • ‘Best wishes to Clive Burgess and Trish Connolly on their forthcoming nuptials.’
    • ‘Today, guests can see the room where the nuptials took place, sample his work in the drawing room, and admire a stained-glass ceiling inspired by his poetry.’
    • ‘Hundreds of people turned out for the nuptials, including CNN's Paula Newton.’
    • ‘Bobbing for apples, for example, was used to predict upcoming nuptials - the first to grasp an apple without the use of their hands was said to be the next to marry.’
    • ‘All we hear is how our nuptials will lead to the downfall of western civilization by eroding heterosexual marriage.’
    • ‘World Weddings tells five personal stories of nuptials in extreme, hazardous or divisive situations around the world.’
    • ‘Such nuptials were a union in name only, as only the king could recognize a marriage as valid.’
    • ‘The political marriage between the Tories and Alliance is all but complete, but there is still a vocal contingent that objects to the nuptials.’
    • ‘They daydream about the jealousy in the eyes of friends when they announce the forthcoming nuptials and the wonderful future life in the sun.’
    • ‘We're going to see the vicar this evening to discuss our forthcoming nuptials.’
    • ‘But note, wedding gifts must be given before the nuptials.’
    • ‘With a future that includes a little recording, a lot of touring, upcoming nuptials and hopefully an abode to call his own, all seems well.’
    • ‘The couple are still to set a date for their forthcoming nuptials.’
    • ‘Guys aren't the only ones who complain about brides-to-be talking of nothing but upcoming nuptials.’
    • ‘The 40-year-old actress has allegedly told friends and family to keep an entire month free for the spectacular nuptials.’
    • ‘When the nuptials were completed, we created a ‘just married’ sign and placed it on the bedroom door.’
    • ‘Keanu Reeves, Sting and singer Billy Joel - who both performed at the reception - were among those invited to the nuptials..’
    • ‘The nuptials were eventually called off for good.’
    • ‘Carl tracks him down in true bloodhound fashion, arriving at a pre-wedding bash just in time to put the kibosh on the nuptials.’
    • ‘The UK is a fantastic place for you and your partner to spend your honeymoon after your nuptials are completed.’
    wedding, wedding ceremony, marriage, marriage ceremony, union
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Late 15th century: from Old French, or from Latin nuptialis, from nuptiae ‘wedding’, from nubere ‘to wed’; related to nubile.