Definition of nuoc mam in US English:

nuoc mam


  • A spicy Vietnamese fish sauce.

    • ‘All dishes were accompanied by a tasty dipping sauce, which I'm suspecting was some sort of diluted nuoc mam (fermented fish sauce, but much nicer than you think).’
    • ‘This type of fish sauce can be the basis of a sauce incorporating other ingredients, for example the nuoc cham of Vietnam, made with nuoc mam, garlic, chilli, and lime juice.’
    • ‘A common traditional food of Vietnam is nuoc mam, a liquid sauce made from fermented fish.’
    • ‘He wants to try a sorbet made of nuoc mam, the Vietnamese fermented fish sauce that is a staple in most dishes, though not an obvious ingredient in desserts.’
    • ‘Combine the prawns with the remaining nuoc mam, garlic and pepper.’




nuoc mam

/nəˌwäk ˈmäm/